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Brand Image – how does yours rank?

Visual Visitor Blog How does your Brand Image rank? How can brand image help you sell your product online? This is a good question and understanding the link between sales, clicks, etc. and brand image is imperative to increasing your sales. Both B2C sales and B2B sales. There are many
Anonymous Visitor Identification with Visual Visitor
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Identify Anonymous B2B Traffic‎ with Visual Visitor

Visual Visitor Blog Do you have questions about anonymous visitor tracking? There are currently many possible ways that you can generate leads directly from your website; forms, landing pages, direct connections, chat. Where does anonymous visitor identification enter the picture? Probably one of the most misunderstood ways of lead generation
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How to Generate Leads

Visual Visitor Blog How to Generate Leads I hear it all the time when speaking with prospective clients… How do I generate leads? There are many different ways that a sales team can generate new leads with or without the help of a marketing department to move these things along.
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Leads by Source: A Must Track for Sales Teams

Visual Visitor Blog Leads by Source: A Must Track for Sales Teams Can your business currently tell you the amount of daily, weekly, monthly, etc. leads are coming to your website…. by source? Do you know which source(s) are producing the most qualified leads at the lowest cost and which
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The Birth of SalesMarketing

Visual Visitor Blog The End of Sales & Marketing, The Birth of SalesMarketing In business today, many, but not all, have realized that there is no longer a Sales Team and a Marketing Team… but a SalesMarketing Team. What is SalesMarketing? SalesMarketing can and will be defined in many ways