What is Your Ideal Customer Profile?

By Marissa Bullis
Sep 14, 2021

An Ideal Customer Profile, also known as an ICP, is a set of characteristics which distinguish your most valuable customers. Not every lead is worth pursuing and an ICP helps you sort the good from the bad. Every sales team … Continued

Useful Sales Hacks

By Marissa Bullis
Sep 08, 2021

B2B sales is steadily growing harder each year. 84% of CEOs and VPs now use social media to make purchasing decisions. Contact data decays quickly making prospecting all the more difficult. Plus, the number of people involved in buying decisions … Continued

What Is B2B Contact Data?

By Marissa Bullis
Sep 03, 2021

B2B contact data consists of email addresses and phone numbers for key decision makers. This valuable resource enables your sales staff to hone in on your target audience and it saves them the trouble of digging for contact info online. … Continued

When to Pursue Cold Leads

By Marissa Bullis
Sep 01, 2021

As every salesperson knows, some leads will inevitably fall through the cracks. Whether it’s down to timing or a bad first impression, some prospects are liable to lose interest in your business. But just because your first attempt was unsuccessful … Continued

The Hunt for Digital Footprints

By Marissa Bullis
Aug 30, 2021

Whether you know it or not, you’re leaving digital footprints behind. That’s right, every time you use a search engine, visit a website or open an email, you’re leaving behind a trace. What does this mean for salespeople? They can … Continued

Help! How Do I Monitor Website Traffic?

By Marissa Bullis
Aug 26, 2021

Simon works as a copywriter for Brixton Marketing Group. He’s in charge of publishing content on his clients’ websites. Ideally, his efforts will result in an increase of website traffic and sales. Simon knows the best way to achieve this … Continued

Prospecting is Hard. We Make it Easier.

By Marissa Bullis
Aug 24, 2021

The average salesperson spends up to 24% of their time prospecting. Contrary to what you may believe, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, with the aid of a contact database, you can cut your prospecting time in … Continued

B2B Sales Techniques for a Productive 2021

By Marissa Bullis
Aug 20, 2021

B2B sales is undeniably a competitive industry. To win new clients, B2B sellers need to leverage their knowledge of the industry to develop full-proof sales techniques. Read on for a list of innovative sales strategies that are going to take … Continued

Are Your Emails Sitting In Someone’s Inbox?

By Marissa Bullis
Aug 16, 2021

Do you use email to contact your leads? Chances are the bulk of your emails are sitting in their mailboxes unread. Some of them will even end up in the deleted folder. And unless you receive a reply, you have … Continued

Not All Web Traffic Is Created Equal

By Marissa Bullis
Aug 12, 2021

According to a 2018 study, most B2B customers browse between 2 and 7 sites before making a purchase. What does this mean for B2B sellers? Your ideal customers are lying in wait. And with the aid of website tracking software, … Continued