Stop Using the Spaghetti Method

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 19, 2020

When it comes to marketing, there is no guaranteed path to success. Your strategy should undergo constant review to make sure it’s working in your favor. But all too often, businesses adopt the spaghetti method of marketing, i.e. throwing different … Continued

How Are You Finding Leads?

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 18, 2020

First impressions matter. And your website is likely the first thing customers come across when they search for you online. A professional, up-to-date website is a valuable piece of marketing. It can effectively communicate your brand. But that’s not all … Continued

More Data for Your Lead Forms

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 17, 2020

Form captures generally ask for a customer’s name and contact info. But wouldn’t it be great if you could see their browsing history as well? Visual Visitor integrates with your existing form captures to identify your leads and deliver their … Continued

Social Proof In Action

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 16, 2020

When a customer searches for your business online, they’re likely to come across two things: your website and customer reviews. Both deserve serious attention. Your website functions as the face of your company. It provides customers with your contact information, … Continued

Review Gating Only Hurts Your Reputation

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 13, 2020

What is Review Gating? The term review gating describes the practice of soliciting reviews on the basis of their content. To put it simply, it’s when businesses request reviews from happy customers only. How does this work? Customers respond to … Continued

Looking to Boost Your Client List?

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 12, 2020

Digital Marketing starts with your website. It’s no secret the more content you post online, the easier it will be for customers to find you. This is especially important in competitive industries like law. The high cost of legal fees … Continued

Ghost-Proofing Your Website

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 11, 2020

Whether they know it or not, every salesperson has experienced ghosting. This term describes the process of cutting off all communication as a way to signal the end of a relationship. Although the term is generally reserved for dating, this … Continued

Move Over Read Receipts

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 10, 2020

Until recently, businesses had to rely on receipts to learn if and when their email was opened. Why was this a problem? No one likes receiving a request for receipts-it makes the sender look impatient and difficult to work with. … Continued

Integrating Call Tracking with Google Analytics

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 05, 2020

Visual Visitor’s software is designed with your marketing and sales team in mind. We believe that Call Tracking data can help you increase your sales. How? We identify the advertising channels that are reaching your customers. You can use this … Continued

Don’t Get Ghosted via Email

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 04, 2020

So you wrote the perfect email and sent it to over to a prospective client….now what? You could be waiting weeks for a response and until you get one, you won’t know if your efforts were wasted. That’s where Email … Continued

What is Professional Ghosting?

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 03, 2020

The term ghosting refers to the practice of cutting off all communication as a means of ending a relationship. Contrary to popular belief, this practice extends well beyond dating. Unfortunately, it’s increasingly common for businesses to be ghosted by potential … Continued

How Are Customers Finding You?

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 02, 2020

What Is Keyword Level Call Tracking? A word or phrase that you type into a search engine is known as a keyword. Businesses frequently tailor their online content around one or more keywords. This results in customers having an easier … Continued

Five Reasons Attorneys Should Track Phone Calls

By Marissa Bullis
Nov 02, 2020

When it comes to advertising, there is no silver bullet approach which applies across the board. Some advertising will work better for your business than others. The key to organizing a successful marketing campaign is to identify which ads are … Continued

How to Add Call Tracking to Google My Business

By Marissa Bullis
Oct 30, 2020

In previous iterations of Google My Business, call tracking actually posed a risk to your SEO. This is due to the fact that having one consistent NAP (name, address, and phone number) helped search engines locate and promote your business. … Continued

Top Call Tracking Metrics

By Marissa Bullis
Oct 28, 2020

Since 2014, calls to U. S. businesses from paid advertising campaigns have grown 110%. This amounts to a total of 162 billion calls each year. In the digital age, phone calls haven’t lost their appeal. This is good news for … Continued