Leads by Source: A Must Track for Sales Teams

Jan 31, 2018 | 3 minute read
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Visitor Tracking - Visual VisitorCan your business currently tell you the amount of daily, weekly, monthly, etc. leads are coming to your website…. by source? Do you know which source(s) are producing the most qualified leads at the lowest cost and which source(s) are producing leads that are at the beginning of the sales funnel and at a higher cost? Do they currently have a Leads by Source managment plan in place?

Leads are coming into companies from multiple sources at many cost levels, how does a marketing team stay on top of which leads are producing and which are not?

Visual Visitor and it’s sales and marketing tool set have the solution every marketing (and sales) team is looking for! With Visual Visitor, you can not only identify those anonymous website visitors, you can also track where they are coming from.

Leads by Source is many times misunderstood and overlooked. This metric tells you which of your currently used marketing efforts are turning out leads and worth the investment dollars invested by your business.

Why are Leads by Source important?

Armed with the knowledge of which marketing efforts are genuinely producing leads, your sales/marketing team can do the following:

  1. Prioritize your funding based on which leads provide the most returns – i.e., clicks or visits to your website.
  2. Rank leads based on their location within your sales funnel. Leads that are coming in to your website from sources containing videos, demos, or blog links are more than likely more qualified and ready for the sale than leads from other social media sites – which are still good leads, just at a different point in the sales funnel.
  3. Lead Generation management. Lead generation strategies are a big thing for marketing and sales teams and knowing where your leads are coming in from are paramount to outlining a working lead generation strategy.

Where can I find Leads by Source on the Visual Visitor dashboard?

Leads by Source shows up in many places on the Visual Visitor dashboard.

  1. When a new lead shows up on your main dashboard page, and you click on it, this information is a part of the header and also under Company Info you will see ‘Source and Keywords Used’.
  2. From the Analytics section, you can click on Referrer that has all Referral Sources listed – as well as Direct vs. Referral totals.
  3. Finally, you can run the Visit Raw Data Report found under Leads > Reporting to download and manipulate via spreadsheet.

So, where does your business stand with Leads by Source management and understanding? Are you ready to get control of your Marketing money and increase your Sales? Try Visual Visitor FREE for 14 days!

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