Who’s Interested In Your Product/Service?

Identify your website visitors, what pages they visit and what actions they take on your website in realtime!

Discover sales leads you never knew you had

We identify who is on your website real time. Did you know that 98% of your web visitors will never fill out a form or email you? Visual Visitor helps you find out who they are and engage with them proactively.

Get to know your website visitors on a more personal level

Understanding how your website visitors use your website can help lead to fruitful conversations.

You’ll know what they searched for, how they found you, what they are interested in, how many times they have visited you, and even have their social media connections.


Engage your sales team with real leads

Forget waiting for your phone to ring or someone to fill out a form. Convert more leads with real-time notifications and desktop alerts.

Visual Visitor allows your sales team to engage earlier in the buyer’s journey – making it faster to close the sales cycle.

Catch the one that got away

We have all been there, after spending our precious time on a potential buyer, they disappear.

With Visual Visitor’s advanced form and email integration, you will know when they secretly return to your site, giving your sales team the right opportunity to close the sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website Visitor ID is the process by which website visitors are identified for marketing, prospecting, and lead nurturing. When visitors come to your website, we assign them a unique Identifying code that allows us to track repeat visits. Specifically, we can tell you which companies are visiting your website, which pages they’re viewing, and which sources directed them there.

On your end, all you have to do to start uncovering visitors is add our tracking script to your website.


Do you still have questions? Learn more about Website Visitor Tracking on our blog.

When a visitor clicks on your website, we assign them a unique Identifying code. This allows us to track repeat visits. Specifically, we can tell you which companies are visiting your website, which pages they’re viewing, and which sources directed them there.


On your end, all you have to do to start uncovering visitors is add our tracking script to your website.

Yes, Visual Visitor identifies the person on your site. Our system goes beyond standard IP lookup and can tell you the individual who has visited your site. This includes their email address, company data, job title, LinkedIn profile, and phone number.

Our competition gives you the relevant job titles that interest you from the company roster and provides you with the contact data for those individuals. At this time, they do not provide a solution to those employees working remotely.

Would you like to learn more about +Employee from Visual Visitor? Click here.

We know that many businesses have had a large increase in remote workers due to COVID. So Visual Visitor adapted. We can identify Remote Workers who are visiting your site, so you don't miss out on those leads who are working remotely.


At this time, there is no printed data showing that the competition can identify Remote Workers.

Website Visitor ID uncovers the warm leads that you already have! What is a warm lead? A warm lead is a business or individual who has shown interest in your business but has not decided to start doing business with you yet. These leads are easier to convert than cold leads because they are already familiar with your business and have started looking at your site. Some of them may even understand the value of your products without you having to explain it to them. Consequently, they are more likely to become customers than other leads.

Website Visitor ID is a form of sales intelligence that identifies companies that are actively researching your product on your site. These companies are exhibiting intent signals. In other words, they are indicating their intention to purchase a product or service.  It’s worth noting that a buyer will likely select the vendor that makes first contact. That’s why identifying those warm leads visiting your website and knowing who they are and where they came from is so important to your marketing team. This will help them understand which marketing plans are sending leads directly to your site and which are not. 

The number of website visitors that can be identified varies depending on your pricing package. For more details on Website Visitor ID pricing, click here

B2B prospect data, also known as B2B contact data, consists of phone numbers and email addresses for potential buyers. You can use this data to identify and contact key decision-makers in your target industries.


Read more about the value of B2B prospect data here.

If you're a current Visual Visitor customer, the Chrome Plugin allows you to learn more about the company you're visiting without leaving its website. By clicking on the Visual Visitor plugin icon, you will open a sidebar that includes a list of employees, their corresponding contact info, company data, and more. It gets even better, when you click on the name of a specific lead, you can learn even more details!


Interested in learning more? Click here.

The term Email Tracking refers to the practice of monitoring the delivery of a tagged email. Like read receipts, this practice indicates when an email has been opened. Unlike read receipts, it works automatically without informing the recipient.

When you tag an email, Visual Visitor can answer the following questions: Who opened my email? When was my email opened? How many times was my email opened? Once you add our tracking script to your website, we can even tell you which recipients are browsing your website and clicking on your links. 


Want to learn more? Click here.

As a salesperson, knowing who opens your emails can be helpful in many ways. First, it can help you determine who engages with your content and their interests. Second, it can help you identify leads that have gone cold. This feature is a hidden gem and can provide information to strengthen your lead nurturing strategy. Email Tracking with Visual Visitor is so much more than just a read receipt, learn more about it here.

Visual Visitor currently offers many other Sales and Marketing Tools as part of their Sales Intelligence Software package. These include:

  • Email Tracking
  • 600+ Million B2B Contact Database
  • Buyer Intent Data (3rd party data)
  • Website Tracking (1st party data)
  • +Employee tracking for remote workers
  • Chrome Plugin to help you Get in touch faster
  • Forms Capture
  • and more

Our competitors currently offer website visitor identification (1st party data) and access to their contact database. They frequently mention access to 'first-party intent' data on their website. This data includes behavioral data, actions, interests, etc., collected online from your website.

Visual Visitor's pricing starts at $149/month.  You can start with a free trial and upgrade when you are ready.  A product specialist will be happy to meet with you one-on-one to discuss your needs. To schedule a time to talk, access our Product Specialist calendar here.

Which solution is more expensive? We cannot say for sure, as many of our competitors do not list pricing on their websites. Visual Visitor's pricing starts at $149/month and can be customized from there.

Visual Visitor implementation takes about 20 minutes. Of course, getting your team scheduled for training does take a little time.  Count on about a 60-minute training session if you sign up for the Premium Plan.