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Small Business Agency White Label
Monthly price $59 Call Today!
Length of Agreement Month to Month
Reputation Management Module
Locations Included 3 Locations Only pay for what you need
All Reviews, One Place
Get Reviews – Automated, Intelligent Review Requesting Tool
Import your request list or enter manually
Respond to Reviews from within Platform
Show case Your Reviews on your website with our Display Widget
38 Review Sites
Receive Notification of new reviews
Auto Publish to Your website
Create Landing Pages to capture new reviews
Share your reviews on social platforms
Multi-Location Capabilities
Additional Review Accounts per location $8/month $4/month
Call Tracking Module
Local Numbers Included 5 Local Numbers Only pay for what you need
Local Minutes Included 100 usage minutes Only pay for what you need
Text Messaging Enabled Numbers
Forward Calls to Any Phone
Keyword Level Tracking
Dynamic Number Insertion
Click Path Details
Text Message Inbox
Call Recording
Call Transcription $0.05/per minute $0.05/per minute
Whisper Messages
New Call Notifications
Instant Numbers
Google Analytics Integration
Call Scoring
Call Rating and Tagging
Additional Local Number $2/month $0.85/month
Additional Local Minutes $0.04/per minute $0.025/per minute
Additional Toll Free Number $5/month $2/month
Additional Toll Free Minutes $0.06/per minute $0.045/per minute
Text Message Inbox Module
Text-Enable Your Business!
SMS (Text) InBoxes Included 5 Only pay for what you need
Text Messages Included 50 Only pay for what you need
Send And Receive Text Messages – Just like an Email Inbox!
Sharable Inbox
No need to use personal Cell for Business Text
Additional Text Messages $0.015/per message $0.01/per message
Website Tracking Module
Know Who and when a customer/prospect/competitor Visiting Your Website
Know their Buying Intent
Contact Insights
Integrates wth Email Tracking Module
Integrates wth Email Campaign Services
Form Capture
Company Data
Real-time Alerts
Integrated Analytics
Lead Handling
Keyword Data
Click Path Data
Traffic Filtering
Page Views Included 20,000 Only Pay for what you need
Additional Page Views beyond included $5/per 5,000 views Only Pay for what you need
Email Tracking Module
Tagged Emails Included Monthly 15,000 Only Pay for what you need
Track Individual Emails
Google Mail Plugin
Microsoft Outlook/Office365 Plugin
Instant Notifications
Desktop and Email Notification options
Automatic Link Tagging to integrate with Website tracking module
Email Templates
Team Templates
Email Reporting
WordPress Plugin
Zapier – over 1,000 systems
Agency White Label
Fully White Labeled
Your Domain (Example:
Branded Dashboard
Branded Email Communications
Branded Reports
Branded Zapier Integration
Branded WordPress Plugin
Centralized Administration
Service Selection per Customer
Impersonate Clients
Client Management
Offer Your Customers Free Trials
US-Based Support

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