Why You Need Buyer Intent Data

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Mar 01, 2022 | 4 minute read
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Intent data is the perfect tool to hunt down those elusive prospects you are looking for to fill your sales pipeline!

Yes, those prospects who are out there right now, researching a solution to their problems… and your team could solve them if only you knew that they were looking.

Why You Need Buyer Intent Data

On average, 38% of sales will go to the vendor that responds first, and with intent data, you could be that vendor. Salesforce and Publicis.Sapient is now saying that about 87% of shoppers will research the products and services they are interested in on digital channels before they reach out to begin the buying process. This is up 16% just from last year.

This means for your sales team that if you are not first to the prospect, you significantly reduce your chances of closing that deal. Did you realize that the average prospect is in the final stages, usually about 67% of the way through their buyer journey before they even reach out to a salesperson?

But what if you could get ahead of the entire process and know before your competition that those prospects were out there researching?

Enter Buyer Intent Data with Visual Visitor. This cutting-edge tool can enable sales teams to go beyond the restrictions of in-house intent data and move ahead with a tool that is able to alert them when prospects are out there researching… whether that research leads them to you, or one of your listed competitors.

What is Buyer Intent Data?

Intent data has become much more than just the data you collect from your website and your marketing teams. It now includes data that will show you the leads or prospects that are actively engaged in researching third-party sites. From this, you can know in advance who is shopping based on the topics that they are researching.

Let’s face it, when a buyer realizes that they have a problem, they get online and start researching for a solution. Gone are the days that they reach out to their vendors and ask if they can provide a solution – they go looking for one on their own. Once they have narrowed it down to a few options, they reach out for more information or to set up a call. What if you knew before they reached that point in their purchasing journey? What if, as they were researching for a solution that you can provide, you were able to jump out there and reach out to them first?

Suppose your team had access to this data. In that case, they could then set priorities for those companies showing higher than normal activity on keywords preset specifically for their account and quickly go through their qualification process.

Companies that access the information collected from online intent data can move much faster through the sales cycle. With a powerful tool like Visual Visitor providing access to both first-party intent data collected internally and 3rd party intent data collected from online digital footprints, you can be first in the door!

The topics we research online can be a strong signal of buyer intent. Having access to that information is a powerful tool.

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With Visual Visitor’s Buyer Intent Data, we collect both first-party and 3rd party intent data. So what is the difference, and what does that mean for you, the salesperson?

First-Party Intent Data

Visual Visitor offers a very robust first-party intent data package to their customers. This data goes beyond your regular website hits. Let’s face it, just knowing how many hits your website has gotten is not enough to accurately gauge a level of interest.

We offer our customers a higher level of data that includes website hits by pages visited, time on page, frequency of visits, are they returning, click path data, and much more. Beyond the website, we also offer email campaign tracking that integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and other email marketing tools. With this tool, you can tag your email campaign visitors so that you will always know when they return. Form capture and advertising traffic sources are also tracked and presented to the customer in an easy-to-use, detailed dashboard.

Our customers enjoy access to this data to build strategic sales processes and marketing strategies. But like the changing times, they need more to stay ahead of the race and get to the sale faster and better prepared than their competition. So Visual Visitor responded to that need… Enter third-party intent data.

Third-Party Intent Data

Visual Visitor’s buyer intent data collection process works similarly to a search engine, but with a couple of key differences; Our process includes paid data as well as 3rd party partnerships. We use the data that has been collected across thousands of websites and touchpoints to give your sales and marketing teams complete insight into customer behavior and intent.

Although this entire process can be complicated, Visual Visitor has designed a powerful process to make it easy for our customers. We do the hard work behind the scenes and gather the data from multiple sources, then we normalize and enrich that data. When are finished doing our magic, we score the data collected using Artificial Intelligence to provide a list of companies to your team that is researching your specific criteria.

Go Beyond the Competition with Visual Visitor’s Buyer Intent Data Tool

Know when to reach out to your Prospects and get ahead with Buyer Intent Data.

Why use Buyer Intent Data?

Better understanding buyer intent, either from first-party intent data or 3rd-party intent data, is a must for a sales team that is looking to have a higher success rate and wants to discover new ways to engage with potential customers.

When your team is able to better understand prospects’ behavior and their triggers, they will have a clearer understanding of their buying needs. This clarity will enable the marketing team to then focus on a specific profile and reduce the amount of cold calling that needs to be done to fill the sales pipeline. They will also be able to take those intent signals and identify ready-to-buy prospects, fine-tune their campaigns, and jump into the buyers’ journey faster and with more accuracy than the competition.

Buyers Intent Data is a relatively new tool that is gaining space in the sales force very quickly. Given that, it is very important that you understand that many companies, potentially your competition, are coming up with more and more ways to make the best use of the intent data that they are gathering.

If you’re not using Buyer Intent Data from Visual Visitor, why?

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