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May 29, 2018 | 5 minute read
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Do you have questions about anonymous visitor tracking?

There are currently many possible ways that you can generate leads directly from your website; forms, landing pages, direct connections, chat.

Where does anonymous visitor identification enter the picture?

Probably one of the most misunderstood ways of lead generation is from basic anonymous visitor identification. This method is actually straightforward and promises the potential for considerable growth of warm leads with little additional effort on your part.

What is anonymous visitor identification?

Anonymous visitor identification is the ability to identify visitors to your website to be used for lead generation. By using this tool, your salespeople can pursue warm leads earlier (the leads were already visiting your site).

Not sure if this is the tool for you? It’s not for everyone and there are a few situations where it is more useful than others. Let’s learn more.

How does anonymous visitor identification work?

Who is visiting your website? Why are they looking? Where are they coming from? These are not high-level questions… They are the questions that your sales staff and marketing team are looking to answer. Visual Visitor’s powerful anonymous visitor tracking tool can tell you which businesses are visiting, how often they visit, how long they view your pages, and more! We tell you what they were looking at and where they came from!

What information does Visual Visitor provide?

  • Who is on your website.
  • What products or services they are interested in.
  • Where they are from.
  • When they visited.
  • Email you while they are visiting your site.
  • Provide you with a way to send that information directly to your supported CRM.

We identify your website visitor at the organizational level, providing you with the company information and location. Visual Visitor will go beyond your typical anonymous visitor identification product to provide actionable data about those otherwise anonymous website visitors. And unlike other website visitor tracking services, your leads are yours. We do not charge per lead…

Other Features Included in this Sales and Marketing Tool.

visitor identificationIdentify ANYONE:

With Visual Visitor’s feature, Identify ANYONE, we go beyond identifying your website visitors. How do we do it? We provide you with the ability to create special links that will tag your visitors that come in through your newsletters, online marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc), or that you place in individual emails. This feature can be used to track specific clients’ interest levels, newsletter effectiveness, social media marketing effectiveness, and much more! Best of all, it’s easy to implement and to track with our Email Campaign Link Builder and Email Campaign Dashboard.

visitor identificationForms Capture:

At Visual Visitor we understand that many of our clients are using forms on their websites and would like a way to integrate that data with their Visual Visitor account. We have made it very easy to do that with the added ability to link directly to your supported CRM.

visitor identificationWebsite Analytics:

Our analytics data goes beyond mere stats such as website performance, main traffic sources, and landing pages. We give you more detailed information like First Time vs. Return visitors, Unique visitors by device, engagement levels, and even more! Knowing more about your visitors empowers your business in so many ways.

visitor identificationEmail Tracking:

See what happens after you click send. With the Visual Visitor Email Tracking tool, you will get both a desktop and an email notification as soon as the prospect opens your email as well as website link tagging. This notification includes location, open date and time, total opens, and time to open. With this feature, you will spend less time chasing leads and more time closing deals!


Would you like to automate tasks and share data among multiple web applications that your business currently uses? Visual Visitor allows you to seamlessly integrate with not only our current list of cutting-edge apps but also with hundreds more. Now using Zapier, you can connect your Visual Visitor lead generation results with more than 750 apps!


Reporting is a staple for this type of anonymous website visitor tracker and lead generation service. Visual Visitor understands that and offers many different reporting options to fit the needs of our customers – from automated Daily and Weekly reports to criteria based reports customized to meet your specific needs. Our reporting also can be downloaded to CSV files for easy manipulation such as per client, per page, per keyword, and more.

In sales, we all know that timing is everything. Getting to prospects when they are in the research phase will increase your chances of closing the deal. Did you know that only 1 to 2% of all visitors will ever complete a contact form or pick up the phone to call? We get you in contact with the other 98%. Visual Visitor is an easy, automatic and straightforward tool. Once it is installed, all you will need to do is follow up on the alerts that are sent to you or your sales team. We do it all with no visitor login or registration required. Visual Visitor runs transparently in the background of your website, gathering data without alerting visitors and eliminating the need to fill out tedious registration forms or logins. Using Visual Visitor to strengthen your current lead generation strategies will make it easier to turn those warm leads into real sales – and at $59/month, Visual Visitor is a must have for a growing sales team with an online presence.

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