Powerful Insights About Your B2B Prospects

Our excessively comprehensive data set of over 540 million contacts provides your sales team with actionable information.

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Find Anyone, Anywhere, At Any Company - Instantly

  • Direct dial phone numbers, Email addresses 
  • Over 545 million uptodate, accurate B2B contact records.  We provide details about job responsibilities, accolades, work experience, education, web mentions and links to social media profiles.  Who is your prospect’s boss?  Who are your prospects’ co-workers?  Our data set put those answers and many more at your fingertips.

Quite Possibly the largest B2B Contact Database Available!

Our Data Stats:

  • 540 Million Worldwide Contacts
  • 182 Million North American Contacts
  • 60 Million South America Contacts
  • 112 Million Professional Email Addresses
  • 78 Million Personal Email Addresses
  • 50 Million Companies
  • No more static databases.  Our data is updated on a rolling basis.

Avoid Data Decay

Did you know?

  • Every year, these will change:
  • Up to 20% of postal addresses
  • Up to 18% of phone numbers
  • Up to 21% of CEOs
  • 25-33% of emails 
  • 66% of people will change companies or job functions

How much time do your sales reps waste on old data?

Ethically Sourced Data

We ethically source our data, and we will never go through your emails to scrape names or phone numbers. We always adhere to the latest privacy laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as well as international data regulations. We protect our customers’ personal data and we gather data in accordance with all applicable regulatory guidelines.

Unlimited Users

Give access to entire company. We never charge a per user fee.
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Artificial Intelligence

Leverage Artificial intelligence to support your sales team!
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Email Verified Database

Email Validation is a 40 year old technology. We do email validation differently, more effectively.
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Find anyone’s contact details

Getting the attention of a decision-maker is hard work but sellers are 147% more likely to set an appointment when calling their prospects directly.
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Identify your Total addressable market

Access to the the contact information of every possible prospect in your addressable market.
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Go-to-market planning & segmentation

Segment your prospects by any attribute you prefer.
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Sales prospecting & research

Reduce the time and energy wasted on prospecting and research.
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Keep your CRM Data fresh

A Visual Visitor a day will help keep data decay away. Our data is updated on a rolling basis.
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3x - 5x Less Expensive than our Competition

We craft quality software at a fair price. But why do they charge so much?
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Send your leads to more than 1,000 unique applications with our Zapier and WordPress integration.
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