Does Website Visitor Tracking work?

There are a lot of skeptics out there who do not yet believe in the power of website visitor tracking and today I plan on convincing them that maybe, just maybe, they are wrong. First off, what is website visitor tracking? Website visitor tracking at its root is the analysis of visitor behavior on a website. What makes the Visual Visitor product special, is that it goes beyond analysis and also includes things like anonymous visitor identification.

Engage Leads at Critical Points with Website Visitor Tracking

How many times have you or your sales people wished you had known a prospective client had been on your website? Or, have you ever gone to a meeting with a prospective client thinking that they were looking at one product/service, only to find that their interest was in another product/service that you were unprepared to present on?

Using Forms Capture to Increase Sales

The Forms Capture feature from Visual Visitor can help take your online forms from just newsletter signups and requests for more information, to tracking devices to increase sales and conversion rates.

Most Common Mistakes Made with Web Analytics Data

First off, what is Web Analytics? Web Analytics is considered to be the process of analyzing the behavior of visitors to a Web site. This data is then used by businesses to attract more visitors and to better understand the patterns of current visitors in order to increase sales dollars. This basic analysis of your website traffic is broken down into smaller parts so that a better understanding of your visitor can be derived. Which leads us to the most common mistake!

Using a CRM? We can help with that!

Visual Visitor includes a quick, easy way to update your CRM with the click of a button from an email or your dashboard. Start your 14 day free trial.