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No.  Sign up for your Free Trial today - be productive in 20 minutes.

Pricing is performance based.  This means you only pay when we successfully identify a visitor to your website.    Choose the level of package that fits your need.  Upgrade or downgrade at anytime.  Addititionally, if you do not want to increase your monthly package plan, you can simply set a budget for successful identifications over your package.  Our Budget Management Tool puts you in control.
However if you need assistance in product sizing or functional questions, feel free to book a time with a Product Specialist.  Access the Calendar here.

Yes, Visual Visitor has month to month plans as well as annual plans.  Talk to your product specialist to find the best fit for your company.  Schedule a call here

Visual Visitor implementation takes about 20 minutes.  Of course, getting your team scheduled for training does take a little time.  If you signed up for training, count on about a 60 minute training session.

No.  Literally, you could be up and running in under 20 minutes.

You bet.  We push your identifications in real-time into your email marketing, CRM, Direct Mail, DSP or custom platform.   If we don't have  a direct integration, Zapier (or any workflow tool) will work just fine as well.

Super easy.  After installing your code, there is configuration that appears.  A simple check box will turn on your Consent.  From there you can configure your the look and feel on your website.