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No.  Sign up for your Free Trial today - be productive in 20 minutes.

Let's look at this question a different way.  Why does Sales Intelligence  have to be so expensive?   It doesn't.  We deliver the same high quality platform as the large data providers.  We are so confident, we offer a month to month option.
Most of the big companies don't do this... in fact many push you into a multi-year agreement with aggressive sales people.  We make working with us as frictionless as possible.  You really owe it to your company to try us first.  After all, if does not work you can cancel.  If it does work as advertised, your company will save BIG!   You have almost nothing to lose and everything to gain.

One of our Product Specialists can help you configure the features needed for your team.   To book a time with a Product Specialist.  Access the Calendar here.

Our Contacts Database access is structured on a credit system  One (1) contact record = One (1) credit.  This includes all the information we have on that contact for a single credit.  This includes  all phones, all emails, all skills, all education and other data.

Easy. we show you.  You will know what information we have available for that contact before you use your credit.  We show you - "yes or no" on each contact element - direct dial phone, cell phone, professional  email, and personal email.

We don't charge for each credit/  Each package comes with a certain number of credits.  See table above for details.

Yes, Visual Visitor has month to month plans as well as annual plans.  Talk to your product specialist to find the best fit for your company.  Schedule a call here

Visual Visitor implementation takes about 20 minutes.  Of course, getting your team scheduled for training does take a little time.  Count on about a 60 minute training session if you sign up for the Premium Plan.

The Lite Plan is a starter plan for start ups and small businesses.  Your best bet is to schedule a time with a Product Specialist to discuss the plan that is right for you. You can access the scheduling calendar here.

No.  Literally, you could be up and running in under 20 minutes.