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Anonymous Visitor Identification, made easy.

Did you realize that on average only about 2% of website visitors will identify themselves? That leaves about 98% of your visitors unidentified. Unless you have a website lead generation and anonymous visitor identification tool like Visual Visitor on your side. Wouldn’t you like to identify those website visitors who are visiting your business website with more than a location and or IP Address? Visual Visitor is Anonymous Website Visitor Tracking and Identification made easy.

What is anonymous website visitor identification?

Who is visiting your website?  What are they looking for?  Where are they coming from? These are not just high level questions… They are the questions that your sales staff and marketing team are looking to answer. Visual Visitor’s powerful anonymous website visitor tracking  and lead generation tool can actually tell you which businesses are visiting, how often they visit, how long they view your pages, and more! We tell you what they are looking for and where they are coming from!

How many sales have slipped away because your team did not have the tools to identify those anonymous website visitors that showed real interest in your product but didn’t fill out a form while on your site? And for $59/month you own those leads. There are no per lead markups at Visual Visitor. Our fully functional 14 Day Free Trial makes it easy to experience the power anonymous website visitor identification can have for your sales team.


Lead Generation Software - Visual Visitor

How can Anonymous Visitor Tracking help your business?

Not convinced that anonymous website visitor tracking and lead generation can help your business grow? When we talk to some of our customers, here are just a few of their  common uses of Visual Visitor:

Avoid the “Proposal Gone Cold”

You spend a massive amount of time, money, and energy creating the perfect deal, only to have your contact disappear after the pitch. Why? Many times these contacts simply begin a silent follow up to the proposal.  They will visit your website to review your information, or they will read whitepapers, etc. to look for data to validate your company and your plan. Visual Visitor helps you close that communication gap. We will inform you when those formerly anonymous visitors have returned to your website.  This will allow you take immediate action with a perfectly timed follow up email or phone call.

How many of your cold proposals have you lost? Would knowing that those contacts that seemed to disappear were actually visiting your website every day help in closing the deal?

The Perfectly Timed Phone Call

Selling is hard work but selling to interested buyers is so much easier!  Did you know that only 2% of all anonymous visitors to your website ever identify themselves by filling out a contact form or picking up the phone. We can help you to identify the other 98% with more than an IP Address. In today’s online world, being able to identify those interested visitors before your competitors can make all the difference in a sale made and a sale missed. And by identifying these visitors with Visual Visitor’s website lead generation software, you can make a perfectly timed phone call to those unidentified visitors.  This will allow you to take the advantage over your competition. You can now engage in the sale earlier in the process, build on the relationships, and close more sales.

How many sales would it take to justify $59 a month?.. With all leads included? Visual Visitor does not charge per lead. We charge per month. The leads are yours to keep!

Outbound Sales Effectiveness

Cold calling is a common sales tool, and no matter how we try to avoid it, it will be around forever. What happens after the call?  How many of those contacts that you reached or left messages for will ever pick up the phone?  Most of the time, if they listen to your voicemail, they will quietly visit your website to review your product or service but never call back.  With Visual Visitor’s Anonymous Visitor Tracking and Identification you will now be able to identify those anonymous website visitors. This will show who you are reaching making it easier to focus your sales efforts. Knowing that the calls and or emails that are sending out are working or not working can help you to define and strategize better.

How awesome would your outbound sales plan be if you had the ability to know which of your contacts were actually visiting your website after the initial contact?

Market Segmentation

Marketing is, beyond a doubt, complex and getting more so every day. PPC, SEO, Email, Landing pages, Events and social media all drive people to evaluate your products and services.  Have you stopped to evaluate if you are attracting the right industries?  With Visual Visitor’s  you can gain a better understanding of companies evaluating your products and services. Knowing which marketing plans – social media marketing, banner ads, etc – are bringing the most clicks AND conversions can help drive a more effective marketing plan. Marketing is expensive. Knowing what is working and what is not can make a huge difference in your marketing bottom line. Not to mention that your sales team will thank you for attracting better leads that convert more easily.

Would you like to streamline your marketing plan and spend your marketing budget more effectively?

Anonymous Visitor Identification - Visual Visitor

Sales Leads

Enjoy the qualified, actionable leads provided by Visual Visitor in real time with our Instant Email Alerts. We take website lead generation to the next level! No need to log in, we will send them directly to your email or you can view them on any mobile device! With Visual Visitor, you are able to keep informed of your website visitors – anywhere!

Website Visitor Identification - Visual Visitor

Identify ANYONE

Looking for email campaign integration to enhance your anonymous website visitor leads?  Then Identify ANYONE from Visual Visitor is just what you need!  We allow you to tag visitors directly from your email campaigns to record future visits! This feature is easy to set up and easy to use with our Email Campaign Link Builder.

Anonymous Visitor Identification - Visual Visitor

Form Capture

The Visual Visitor Form Capture component lets you integrate your website forms and import them directly to your CRM.  One less step! This must-have feature is so quick and easy to set up with our Forms Capture Configuration page from your Visual Visitor dashboard. All you have to know is the url that your form is located on, we do the rest!

Website Visitor Identification - Visual Visitor


The Visual Visitor website visitor analytics package combines all the data received from your website in one place. No more importing data from various providers to get the full picture. Our analytics data goes beyond stats like performance, main sources, and landing pages. We give you more detailed information like First Time vs. Return visitors, Unique visitors by device, and more!

Email Tracking

See what happens after you click send. With the Visual Visitor Email Tracking tool, you will get both a desktop and an email notification as soon as the prospect opens your email as well as website link tagging. This notification includes location, open date and time, total opens, and time to open. With this feature, you will spend less time chasing leads and more time closing deals!


Would you like to automate tasks and share data among multiple web applications that your business currently uses? Visual Visitor allows you to seamlessly integrate with not only our current list of cutting edge apps, but also with hundreds more.  Now using Zapier, you can connect your Visual Visitor lead generation results with more than 750 apps! Learn more about Zapier Integration here.

Your website is leaking leads… ™

Visual Visitor is here to help!

Visual Visitor is the best $59 Sales Tool Ever.  That is, if increasing sales is a goal for your company in 2016. With no hidden costs or fees (no, we do not charge per lead), our website lead generation and anonymous website visitor identification tool will allow you to know who is visiting your site. We go way beyond providing you with a location and IP Address.  We provide you with actionable data like: names, business, email addresses, company stats. There’s more… We tell you if they come in from a search, a social marketing link, or simply via an email or newsletter!  See what our customers are saying and sign up for your no obligation 14 day Free Trial today!


Using Visual Visitor has increased our sales and helped us to streamline our sales process.

J. ParkerSales Manager

This inexpensive tool has freed up my sales team from running down and deciphering website traffic so they can focus on actual sales.

Ken AlbrightCEO

Using Visual Visitor’s Identify Anyone has taken our email marketing campaign to the next level. This tagging feature lets us know who is interested so that we can instantly get a salesperson on the phone to convert.

M. ParksSales Manager

Visual Visitor is a great tool that has enabled our business to increase it’s sales conversion rates.  We have tracked a definite increase since signing up with VV.

Anne MillerOwner


Visual Visitor Delivers Qualified Sales Leads

  • Find out who is on your website and how long they visit each page.
  • Know what products or services they are interested in from their saved browsing history.
  • Your visitors do not need to register or log in for Visual Visitor to track them.
  • Get real-time alerts with your prospect’s contact information via our Instant Alert Emails.
  • Alerts include 12 sources of pre-sales research delivered with every email for quicker evaluation of the prospect.
  • DO NOT pay per lead. Visual Visitor is $59/month and the leads are yours!

Get the Sales Tool with the Highest ROI

  • Qualified, warm leads from your own business website lead generation convert more easily to closed sales.
  • Enjoy our Free Trial for a no risk 14 day assessment of Visual Visitor. Our trial is fully functional so that you can experience the power of anonymous website visitor tracking and identification.
  • Use Visual Visitor to: prospect for new business, research what current clients are interested, or to know when businesses are checking out your website, evaluate social media marketing effectiveness, and much more!
  • You won’t be disappointed! For $59/month can you afford not to start your 14 day Free Trial today?

Easy to Use... No Maintenance... Install and Go!

  • Installation takes less than 5 minutes and there is no customer maintenance needed.
  • Check out our WordPress Plugin that makes installing Visual Visitor a cinch.
  • No configuration. No consultants. No implementations needed.
  • Stay Mobile: Visual Visitor works with on mobile devices.
  • It just works. It’s that simple!

Reseller Edition

  • A completely Private Labeled version of Visual Visitor is available.
  • Your Logo. Your Domain Name. Your Email. Simple.
  • Your customer has no idea we exist.
  • Creates recurring revenue stream from your current customers.

Visual Visitor is confident that our product can help your B2B business grow with qualified, actionable leads that are gathered right from your own business website. That is why we have a fully functional 14 day Free Trial available. Experience the power of lead generation at its highest – today. For $59 per month, can you afford to let this opportunity pass you by? Remember, the leads are yours to keep – and Visual Visitor does not charge per lead.

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Still have questions? Watch this video and see how Visual Visitor can work for you!

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