Proposal/Email Tracking
Who’s Opening My Proposals

Have you always wondered what actually happens to that email after you hit the "Send" button? Visual Visitor's Email Tracking solution gives you insights you can't live without!

Get data about your Proposals and Emails after pressing Send

See what happens after you click “Send.” With this email tracking tool, users receive both a desktop and  email notification as soon as the prospect opens your email. Knowing how your recipient interacts, enables you to perfect your engagement!

You’ll know the location it was opened from, the open date and time, total times opened, and how long it took for them to open it. Remove the guesswork!

Make emailing efficient with quick installation

If you use G-Suite or Outlook for your email service, this is for you! The installation process can be completed in about a minute.

Soon, you’ll have the ability to monitor email delivery – all behind the scenes! Visual Visitor also provides the option to review the history of all tracked emails so you’ll never need to spend time going through old emails wondering if they were opened.

Send emails quickly with email templates

Writing an email can take time! Start working smarter, not harder, with Visual Visitor’s email template system.

Users have the power to create a set of common emails to save time and energy. This allows you to stay focused on engaging with those who’ve read your email, and more importantly, never rewriting your common emails again.

Share the power of email tracking with your team

Have an email template that works the best? Visual Visitor allows you to review your templates and measure performance. Once you nail down which one works best for your industry, easily share that common template with teammates.

The entire team will spend less time chasing leads and more time closing deals!

Frequently Asked Questions


To start email tracking, you need to download our plugin. Afterwards, you simply hit the tag button. If you would like to track both email opens and website visits, you need to add our tracking script to your website. This simple step takes a few minutes and enables you to monitor website traffic as well as email engagement.

Knowing which recipients are opening your emails is helpful in a few ways. Firstly, it can help you determine who is engaging with your content and what their interests are. Secondly, it can help you identify leads that have gone cold. You can use this information to strengthen your lead nurturing strategy.

Marketers can use Email Tracking to monitor and improve their marketing campaigns. Knowing which campaigns are successfully attracting clicks – and leading to conversions – can help you increase your marketing ROI.

When you tag an email, Visual Visitor can answer the following questions: Who opened my email? When was my email opened? How many times was my email opened? Once you add our tracking script to your website, we can even tell you which recipients are browsing your website and clicking on your links. 

While Read Receipts requires action from the recipient, Email Tracking happens automatically. Your recipient will be unaware you’re tracking the email.

The number of emails that can be tracked varies depending on your pricing package. For more details on email tracking pricing, click here.