AI Sales Rep

Your Next Salesperson
Might Not Be A Person at All

AI Sales Rep

Identify and Influence Your Engaged Website Visitors into Sales-Ready Leads – Before You Commit a Single Working Hour.

Lower Funnel, Higher Value Leads

Using our advanced WebID +Person identification technology, we uncover and identify the most engaged visitors to your site. These are the prospects we focus on, ensuring maximum impact for your sales efforts.

  • Detailed Prospect Data: We gather 40 points of data about each prospect, including first name, last name, email address, and more.
  • Engaged, But Anonymous: These prospects are conducting online research but haven’t met with your sales team yet.
  • Crucial Sales Funnel Position: These visitors are deep in your sales funnel, spending time on your key ‘buying pages’ but remaining unknown to you. They are the ones most likely to convert into appointments.
  • AI-Driven Engagement: Our AI Sales Rep identifies and gently engages with these visitors, influencing them to express interest. The process is fully automated, so your sales team only needs to engage with the interested leads—your low-hanging fruit.

Leverage the power of AI to turn your website visitors into meeting-ready leads effortlessly. Let our AI Sales Rep handle the identification and engagement, so your sales team can focus on closing deals.

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Net New Prospects

Our AI Sales Rep is dedicated to bringing you fresh opportunities. By focusing exclusively on net new prospects, we ensure your existing customers and known prospects are not retargeted. This precision approach allows your sales team to concentrate on converting new leads into loyal customers, maximizing your reach and efficiency without duplicating efforts. Discover the power of reaching untouched potential with our intelligent prospecting solution.

Increase Your ROI on Paid Search by 50% or More

Leveraging our Paid Search plugin tool, you can significantly enhance your return on investment. Our AI Sales Rep identifies and engages new prospects visiting your website, converting them into Sales-Ready leads. This targeted approach ensures your ad spend is optimized, focusing on high-potential prospects and increasing efficiency and effectiveness in your marketing efforts. Boost your results and make every dollar count with our innovative AI-driven solution.

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Your AI Sales Rep is an Email Deliverability Expert

Our AI Sales Rep excels in email deliverability, using a distributed email infrastructure to send personalized, unique, on-brand emails that get responses. With open rates upwards of 60% and delivery rates over 90%, you can double your open rates and quadruple your responses. Fully CAN-SPAM compliant, each email is validated before sending and manages SPF, DKIM, and DMARC policies to ensure high deliverability and inbox placement. Build a solid sender reputation and safely scale your outreach with ease.

It's Soooo Much Better than a Human

Meet Bob, your AI Sales Rep, who outshines any human salesperson. Bob’s goal? Positive responses. He crafts perfect emails tailored to your visitors’ interests and seamlessly handles negative and out-of-office replies. With impeccable timing and personalization, Bob ensures no lead is left behind, even mastering mobile engagement.

Bob is an email delivery expert, he never has excuses and he never complains. He handles any volume effortlessly, follows directions perfectly, and eliminates the need for constant supervision. Cost-effective and dedicated, Bob works on a performance basis, allowing your team to focus on strategic projects. Say hello to your next rockstar salesperson!

AI is not going to replace your sales team, They going to be replaced by someone who uses AI to outperform them.

Leverage AI to Grow Your Sales

Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize your sales process. Our AI Sales Rep identifies your website visitors by name, email, and 37 other data points, determining your most engaged prospects. It emails them based on their interests, keeping them engaged until they’re ready for your call to action. With advanced email deliverability management, it handles negative and out-of-office responses effortlessly. Say goodbye to the headaches and hello to meeting-ready leads. Count on your AI Sales Rep to transform your website visitors into valuable opportunities.