The Benefits of Call Tracking

By Marissa Bullis
Oct 21, 2020

Studies show that it’s easier to close a sale with a phone call. No matter how detailed or user-friendly your website is, you’re likely to score most of your sales with a good old-fashioned phone call. Despite how important calls … Continued

Businesses that Must Use Call Tracking

By Marissa Bullis
Oct 14, 2020

The term Call Tracking refers to the practice of tracing phone calls to the initiator of the call and their referral source. This exercise is important because it allows you to evaluate the return on your investment. Implementing a new … Continued

The Wonderful Benefits of Email Tracking

By Marissa Bullis
Oct 07, 2020

What is Email Tracking? Simply put, Email Tracking is the ability to monitor the progress of an email after you hit send. This practice is becoming more popular and it’s easy to see why. Knowing if and when an email … Continued

How to Get Reviews on Google My Business

By Ryan Jacobs
Oct 03, 2020

Key Points ● Google is one of the fastest growing review sites. ● Customers are influenced more by Google reviews than they are by other factors like pricing or proximity. ● Businesses that request Google reviews achieve a higher overall … Continued

How to Respond to Positive Reviews

By Ryan Jacobs
Sep 27, 2020

So you received a positive review…congratulations! Modern consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. With any luck, good reviews will score you new customers and keep the old ones coming back. But before you shut your laptop screen and … Continued

How to Get Reviews on Facebook

By Ryan Jacobs
Sep 22, 2020

Key Points: ● Facebook is the biggest social media site with more than 2.7 billion users. ● Receiving reviews on Facebook increases your search engine visibility. ● Once customers are done reading Facebook reviews, they are likely to look around … Continued

Why Small Businesses Should Manage Their Online Reputation

By Ryan Jacobs
Sep 22, 2020

Small businesses live and die by their reputation. While corporate franchises can depend on new customers to hit their margins, small businesses need repeat customers to keep hitting the mark. Customers often know small business owners personally. They won’t make … Continued

The Magic of Word of Mouth Marketing And Reviews

By Ryan Jacobs
Sep 20, 2020

Every business can benefit from Word of Mouth Marketing. Not only is it hugely influential-it’s cost effective too. Letting customers market your business for you is a smart strategy to adopt. And with the rise of online reviews, it’s never … Continued

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

By Ryan Jacobs
Sep 15, 2020

When customers search for your business, the last thing you want is for them to come across negative reviews. It undermines your hard-work and potentially turns away new customers. It’s important to remember, every business is bound to receive negative … Continued

Social Proof: How Reviews Help your Business

By Ryan Jacobs
Sep 14, 2020

Key Points: ● People assume the actions of other people are correct. They will emulate the behavior of others when they are unsure what to do. ● People are uncomfortable going against the grain of popular opinions. Customers writing reviews … Continued

How to Build a Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

By Ryan Jacobs
Sep 13, 2020

Key Points ● Word of Mouth Marketing is a cost-effective and influential tool which can increase your sales. ● Word of Mouth Marketing is more effective than traditional, contrived marketing tactics. ● There are many steps businesses can take to … Continued

Review Request Templates

By Ryan Jacobs
Sep 12, 2020

Online reviews go a long way in establishing your credibility. A steady stream of positive reviews can strengthen customer retention and even encourage new sales. Given that reviews have become a necessary component of digital marketing, businesses should consider the … Continued

Recency and Volume of Reviews

By Ryan Jacobs
Sep 06, 2020

Recency and the Volume of Reviews Key Points ● Online reviews are the primary factor influencing modern consumers to spend money. ●  Recent reviews carry more weight with consumers. ● Software companies especially should prioritize getting new reviews; their products … Continued

Strategies to Promote Positive Customer Reviews for Your Business

By Ryan Jacobs
Sep 01, 2020

Modern consumers aren’t interested in traditional marketing and sales tactics. Online shopping allows them to order products without ever speaking to a sales representative. And reviews let them vet companies without picking up the phone. In the digital age, online … Continued

How to Respond to Customer Reviews

By Ryan Jacobs
Aug 28, 2020

There are few things more frustrating than receiving a one-star review. Although your impulse may be to ignore negative feedback, this harms your business in the long run. For starters, customers are more inclined to give your business a second … Continued