Buyer Intent Keywords: What are they, and how do they work?

Visual Visitor – learn about buyer intent keywords.
Mar 18, 2022 | 4 minute read
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Picture this: you open up your Visual Visitor Dashboard and can see a list of companies in their buying cycle, actively researching and interacting with blogs, articles, and social media online to find a product or service just like the one that you offer. Wow! Buyer intent data and properly used buyer intent keywords with Visual Visitor’s Who’s Shopping are what your team needs to make this a reality.

With buyer intent data from Visual Visitor, your sales and marketing teams can find companies researching topics relevant to their business through the online consumption of product reviews, news sites, message boards, posting to forums, social media, blogs, reading articles, and other third-party sites!

Did you realize that most of your potential customers will begin their buying process by researching online to find a product or service that fits their needs? What this means to you, the seller is that if you don’t market your products/services/brand in the right places, you are losing sales. This is where Visual Visitor comes into the picture. Your team has a huge opportunity to get ahead of the competition with buyer intent keywords, don’t miss out!

Not sure what buyer intent data is or how it works? Intent data is a type of sales intelligence that shows which prospects or leads are actively researching on third-party sites. Check out this blog post that explains why you need buyer intent data with Visual Visitor. #buyerintent

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What are Buyer Intent Keywords?

First off, and this is important, not all keywords are created equal. However, some will expose insight into what the researcher is looking for, and from that, we can get a read on their intent. What do I mean by this?

Example: I’m online researching for an article on how to fix my broken sprinkler. This shows that my intent is to learn something. But imagine if my research was focused on where to find the best price for XYZ. What do you think my intent is now? To buy something!

Now you understand that buyer keywords are the phrases people will research online when looking to make a purchase. Once you have locked down the list of keywords that your typical customers are using, you will know which keywords/phrases to use in your Buyer Intent Campaign with Visual Visitor.

Visual Visitor – learn about buyer intent keywords.

How do you find your Buyer Intent Keywords?

There are different services out there that can help you find the most common buyer intent keywords and key phrases used for your industry, or you can research the keywords used by similar businesses providing your product or service. Unfortunately, we all have a specific way of thinking, and sometimes it is hard to come up with a list of keywords that people are actually using versus the list of keywords that we think they are using. This is why Visual Visitor has two different types of Buyer Intent Campaigns offered for their Who’s Shopping service; the Prebuilt Campaign and Custom Campaign.

What are the different types of Buyer Intent Keywords?

1. The Informational Buyer Intent Keywords.

These buyer intent keywords signal that the researcher is looking for more information about the problem or a possible solution to a problem that they are experiencing. They are usually found when the prospect would be considered at the top of the buying cycle and do not usually indicate an immediate sale. However, informational buyer intent keyword researchers should not be overlooked – they do indicate that the prospect is starting their journey, and it is always a good idea to get your name out there early, so don’t ignore these!

2. The Product Search Buyer Intent Keywords.

These buyer intent keywords signal that the researcher has a problem and is actively looking for a solution. They are visiting social media sites, forums, and other places online, actively researching for a product or service that meets their needs. While they are doing this, they also see the names of businesses that provide the solution to their problem and the reviews of those businesses. It is always good to understand how and where your prospects are researching to ensure your name is seen. The product search buyer intent keyword shows a more immediate purchase intent, and it is good to have this type on your list of buyer intent keywords.

3. The Hashtag Buyer Intent Keywords

Did you realize that hashtags are a powerful way to expand the reach of your marketing plan on social media, making them an effective addition to your #buyerintent keywords list? When you think about it, hashtags can be just as influential as search engines. Most businesses have realized that hashtags are now the SEO of social media, and data shows that simply having a hashtag in your post can increase engagement. So when you are developing your list of #buyerintent keywords, don’t forget the hashtags to find those social media product researchers!

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Where can you find a list of Buyer Intent Keywords?

A quick and easy place to start for our Visual Visitor customer is to go to your Who’s Shopping dashboard and view our prebuilt library to see how previous campaigns have been structured. Not yet a Visual Visitor customer? Then we invite you to sign up for our 14-day Free Trial so that you can experience the power of our Who’s Shopping buyer intent tool. Another option for researching potential keywords would be to use a paid tool and go through their list choices to find the best ones for your business.


Let’s face it, it’s sink or swim in today’s online market. The companies that stay on top of how the consumer buying process is changing have a much better chance of growing and closing the deal than those stuck using the same marketing techniques they were using five years ago or even last month. To grow, you must implement cutting-edge tools like Visual Visitor’s Who’s Shopping and stay ahead of the competition. Our tool was designed to alert you and your team when potential prospects display certain buying signals so that your team can be the first to engage that lead!

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