WebID +Person: The #1 Ridiculously Easy Way to Improve Email Marketing Results and Grow Your Business

Dec 14, 2022 | 3 minute read
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As the need to improve your email marketing results becomes more important to your business, Visual Visitor is here to help with our +Person tool. This amazing feature is just what your email marketing team needs.

+Person to improve your email makreting results

What is +Person from Visual Visitor?

+Person is a cutting-edge Visual Visitor tool that combines our multimillion-record customer contact database with big data and artificial intelligence and allows us to triangulate the individual. What does this mean? Now you can identify the person that is visiting your website and get an exact prospect! Add this warm lead list of visitors to your current plan and see how you can improve your email marketing results.

What is Email Marketing?

Not sure how email marketing works, what it is, or how to improve your email marketing strategy? Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that can be used to promote your business. This powerful marketing channel is a way to make your customers or potential customers aware of your products or services. It can also be used to maintain interest between purchases, book demos, sign up for free trials, and so much more.


+Person is the #1 Ridiculously Easy Way to Improve Email Marketing Results and Grow Your Business

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Why is this form of marketing important?

Email marketing has grown in popularity partly because it triggers an action from the recipient. They will either open, ignore, or delete. It is also a popular tool because it allows you to build relationships while driving traffic to your website, your blog, or your social media.

Currently, most marketers will promote their business through both email marketing and social media, but which is more effective? Although email marketing seems much less exciting than social media, did you realize that:

  • The average email open rate falls somewhere between 15-25%
  • And the average click-through is roughly 2.5%
  • As of 2021, 80% of the US population uses email

Not impressed? Did you realize that with Facebook, you can only expect to see a click-through rate of somewhere around 0.07%?  Combine that with a conservative expected ROI of $38 for every $1, and you will understand why email marketing has been around for so long.


Getting Started with +Person and Email Marketing

Wondering how you are going to get all this started? Although it can take a while to improve your email marketing strategy or to set up a new one, it really isn’t that difficult. The most important step in this process is Your List, and Visual Visitor’s +Person is just what you need to get a list started, improve your current list, or to grow your list with actionable leads.

Your Email Marketing List

Bottom line, with no email list of interested prospects or with a company list of published contacts that could be outdated, you either must buy emails (which is not recommended) or use a tool like Visual Visitor to grow your list of warm leads! With our +Person feature, you can get the First Name, Last Name, email address, and up to 37 additional attributes (like Gender, Company, how they found you, and more) of those anonymous leads that are already trying to engage with your business. This feature goes way beyond website visitor identification tools because we can identify the consumer, not just the business name or the IP address.



There are many types of email marketing campaigns that your business is probably already using: seasonal, survey, promotional, nurturing, newsletter, etc. How many of those campaigns would benefit from Visual Visitor’s +Person feature identifying the warm leads that are already visiting your site?



Still Not Sure?

We understand that many other companies out there offer bits and pieces of the Sales Intelligence Platform that Visual Visitor offers. When it comes right down to it, Visual Visitor has all the features you need in one place – and at a price, you can afford. If you want to go beyond what you can learn from the standard IP Sourcing offered by others and improve your email marketing strategy, you must give Visual Visitor’s +Person a try. What do you have to lose with our fully functional 14-day free trial?


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+Person and Email Marketing FAQs


+Person is a cutting-edge Visual Visitor tool that combines our multimillion-record customer contact database with big data and artificial intelligence and allows us to triangulate the individual.

Yes, we can currently identify about 30-40% of US traffic.

We can provide the email address, first name, and last name and up to 37 other attributes of your visitors. Some of these additional attributes include age, gender, company, and how they found you to name a few. Click here to learn more.

With our +Person feature, you can get the First Name, Last Name, and email address of those anonymous leads that are already trying to engage with your business. This feature goes way beyond website visitor identification tools because we can identify the consumer, not just the business name or the IP address.

Yes, it can! Quality leads are now seeing marketing emails sent directly from you. Also, by using a list of interested leads, you will avoid some of the pitfalls commonly associated with email marketing, like being labeled as spam.

Visual Visitor's +Person feature can currently provide up to 30 attributes on your visitor.


  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name


  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Marital Status
  • and more


  • Company
  • Title
  • Phone
  • Website
  • and more

How did they find me?

  • Traffic Source
  • Keyword(s) used
  • Pages Visited
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Medium
  • and more


Learn More about Visual Visitor


Website Visitor ID is the process by which website visitors are identified for marketing, prospecting, and lead nurturing. When visitors come to your website, we assign them a unique Identifying code that allows us to track repeat visits. Specifically, we can tell you which companies are visiting your website, which pages they’re viewing, and which sources directed them there.

On your end, all you have to do to start uncovering visitors is add our tracking script to your website.

Do you still have questions? Learn more about Website Visitor Tracking on our blog.

Website Visitor ID uncovers the warm leads that you already have! What is a warm lead? A warm lead is a business or individual who has shown interest in your business but has not decided to start doing business with you yet. These leads are easier to convert than cold leads because they are already familiar with your business and have started looking at your site. Some of them may even understand the value of your products without you having to explain it to them. Consequently, they are more likely to become customers than other leads.

Yes, Visual Visitor identifies the person on your site. Our system goes beyond standard IP lookup and can tell you the individual who has visited your site. This includes their email address, company data, job title, LinkedIn profile, and phone number.

Our competition gives you the relevant job titles that interest you from the company roster and provides you with the contact data for those individuals. At this time, they do not provide a solution to those employees working remotely.

Would you like to learn more about +Employee from Visual Visitor? Click here.

We know that many businesses have had a large increase in remote workers due to COVID. So Visual Visitor adapted. Visual Visitor can identify Remote Workers who are visiting your site so you don't miss out on those leads who are working remotely.

No, at this time, there is no printed data showing that the competition can identify Remote Workers.

The number of website visitors that can be identified varies depending on your pricing package. For more details on Website Visitor ID pricing, click here

B2B prospect data, also known as B2B contact data, consists of phone numbers and email addresses for potential buyers. You can use this data to identify and contact key decision-makers in your target industries. Read more about the value of B2B prospect data here.

B2B prospect data can put you in touch with key decision-makers in your target industries. Each contact in our database is equipped with prospect data, including job title, job function, skillset, location, and alma mater. In addition, we provide email addresses, cell phone numbers, and direct lines. With this information, you can identify, evaluate, and contact new leads. Our B2B prospect data is geared toward lead generation, while our email tracking plugin and website visitor ID software are designed for lead nurturing.

Yes, it does! B2B prospect data can help you identify contacts that match your ideal customer profile or buyer persona. In addition to contact info, we also collect firmographic data including industry, location, revenue, job title, and job function. You can use this data to create targeted messaging. 

The term Email Tracking refers to the practice of monitoring the delivery of a tagged email. Like read receipts, this practice indicates when an email has been opened. Unlike read receipts, it works automatically without informing the recipient.

When you tag an email, Visual Visitor can answer the following questions: Who opened my email? When was my email opened? How many times was my email opened? Once you add our tracking script to your website, we can even tell you which recipients are browsing your website and clicking on your links. 

Knowing which recipients are opening your emails is helpful in many ways. First, it can help you determine who is engaging with your content and their interests. Second, it can help you identify leads that have gone cold. This feature is a hidden gem and can provide information to strengthen your lead nurturing strategy.

While Read Receipts require action from the recipient, Email Tracking happens automatically. Your recipient will be unaware you’re tracking the email.

Intent Data is a form of sales intelligence that identifies companies that are researching products or services online. These companies are exhibiting intent signals. In other words, they are indicating their intention to purchase a product or service. This data is critical for B2B sellers as it lets them know which companies are potential buyers before they’ve made the decision to purchase – and who to purchase from.

It’s worth noting that a buyer will likely select the vendor that makes first contact. That’s why Intent Data is so important. It helps sellers contact buyers before their competitors. Marketing and sales teams equipped with Intent Data can proactively pursue buyers who are exhibiting intent signals online. Intent data is often the key to increasing conversions and overall sales.

Intent Data enables businesses to personalize their messaging, develop effective go-to-market strategies, and segment leads. Businesses without access to intent data are forced to rely on their website analytics alone and will struggle to identify a buyer’s interests and pain points. 

Intent Data provides valuable insights about your prospective buyers. But that’s not the only thing it can do for you. Intent Data helps marketing and sales teams perform five primary functions:

  1. Customer retention. Find out when your customers are searching for alternate solutions and use this information to upsell.
  2.  Personalization. Identify a buyer’s pain points and interests and use them to tailor your messaging.   
  3. Early contact. Spot early intent signals and proactively pursue buyers before they have a chance to contact your competitors.
  4. Lead scoring. Determine which leads deserve your immediate attention.
  5. Audience targeting. Target companies that are exhibiting buyer intent signals.

Visual Visitor allows you to seamlessly integrate with the platforms you already know and love through Zapier. Examples of these "Zaps" include Zoho, Mailchimp, OneDrive, ClickSend, and many, many more.

Our competitors that have existing integrations will list them on their websites.

Visual Visitor offers many other Sales and Marketing Tools as part of their Sales Intelligence Software package. These include:

~ Email Tracking

~ 600+ Million B2B Contact Database

~ Buyer Intent Data (3rd party data)

~ Website Tracking (1st party data)

~ +Employee tracking for remote workers

~ Forms Capture

~ and more

Our competitors offer website visitor identification (1st party data) and access to their contact database. They frequently mention access to 'first-party intent' data on their website. This data includes behavioral data, actions, interests, etc., collected online from your website.

Visual Visitor's pricing starts at $149/month.  You can start with a free trial and upgrade when you are ready.  A product specialist will be happy to meet with you one-on-one to discuss your needs. To schedule a time to talk, access our Product Specialist calendar here.

Which solution is more expensive? We cannot really say for sure, as many of our competitors do not list any pricing on their websites. Visual Visitor's pricing starts at $149/month and can be customized from there.

Let's look at this question in a different way. Why does Sales Intelligence have to be so expensive?  It doesn't. We deliver a high-quality platform that provides more features than most of the competition. In fact, we are so confident that we can provide the sales intelligence tools that you need, we even offer a month-to-month option. Most of the competition doesn't do this... in fact, many will try to push you into a multi-year agreement with aggressive salespeople.  We make working with us as easy as possible.

Visual Visitor implementation takes about 20 minutes. Of course, getting your team scheduled for training does take a little time.  Count on about a 60-minute training session if you sign up for the Premium Plan.


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