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Jan 28, 2016 | 2 minute read
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CRM Software and Visual Visitor

Most sales teams today have something in common: CRM software (Customer Relationship Management). Does your company have one? Did you realize that Visual Visitor has a quick and easy way to update your contact information within your CRM?

It is likely, when you speak with a salesperson about their CRM software, you will find mentioned that one of the drawbacks is that it is not consistently updated by all sales people on the team. What does this mean? It means that Bob doesn’t know that warm lead that just came in is already being worked by Lisa. So Bob, being the quick and motivated sales guy, grabs the phone and gets busy trying to increase his numbers – while stepping on Lisa’s toes because he was unaware that she had already started this sales process. This happens over and over.

Since Visual Visitor is a sales tool by design, it was important for us to understand what helps and what hinders a sales team – some things we were able to address with our product, some we weren’t. CRM usage was mentioned almost immediately (and repeatedly) when we did our research, and, although we cannot make a sales team use their CRM (that would be the sales manager’s job), we can make it simple.

Keeping your CRM data both accurate and updated is a must if it is to be a useful tool for your sales department. How do you make that happen? Well, there is training, management support, and … simplicity! Design your team processes to be simple right down to CRM updating. One way to do that is to use Visual Visitor Anonymous Visitor Identification for your website. With our tool, CRM integration is part of the $59/month package. Now as the leads come in, you can make notes and automatically update your CRM with the click of a button. No upgrades, no add-ons. Not currently a Visual Visitor customer?


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