Lead Generation Improvement Strategy

Knowing that only about 2% of website visitors are willing to complete any forms or requests for information, not using a lead generation software like Visual Visitor is like throwing that money you are spending on online marketing out the window!

Why Your Business Needs Website Visitor Tracking

Website Visitor Tracking with Visual Visitor goes beyond the basics of tracking the visitors who visit your website. We track who is visiting, the pages that they are visiting, the time they spend on each page, and we combine this data with all previous visits…. With no input from the actual visitor required.

Website Visitor Identification Life Cycle

The mystery of Website Visitor Identification software through companies like Visual Visitor can sometimes seem so confusing, that many people think that it is just not possible. Let’s go through the life cycle of website visitor identification to set expectations so that your business can start to track, identify, and engage with new business leads!

Making the most of your Email Campaigns Overview Dashboard

The Email Campaigns Overview section of the Visual Visitor dashboard is an extremely powerful tool that when used properly, can assist your business in multiple areas. This feature allows you to track email addresses that come to your site through your email blasts via MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc. as well as emails that are sent to individuals.

What are my Consumer Categories?

Consumers, or people who purchases goods or services for personal use, in most marketing terms, are usually defined in large groups. This is normal marketing practice, but is it correct? If you have Visual Visitor’s Anonymous Visitor Identification, you will have noticed that consumer patterns change constantly.