Google Tests New Low Speed-Friendly Local Box

Local search marketers with sharp eyes have spotted the latest local search test by Google. In a move that appears designed to improve load times, Google has begun testing a new, stripped down version of the local box on mobile devices.

New Expanded Text Ads in Testing on Google

Online marketing experts are excited about a new ad format for Google AdWords that is currently in testing. The revised layout allows for longer headlines, longer display URLs, and more flexibility when it comes to ad copy

Google Testing Color-Coded Local Ads in Google Maps – Visual Visitor

Users searching for your business on Google Maps will be seeing something new in the next few weeks: purple pins. Google is currently testing a new approach to displaying ads in Google Maps, which may change the way your company approaches local search marketing.

Prioritizing Factors of Keyword Targeting

How to balance the effectiveness of keywords and key phrases with the added boost in your website metrics and the boost in your website prospects is a difficult thing.

Google to Provide Search Ads on Yahoo

Yahoo and Google have agree to a non-exclusive deal for Google to provide ads on Yahoo search results pages.
Yahoo has been partnering with Microsoft Bing for several years.