Website Visitor Identification Life Cycle

The mystery of Website Visitor Identification software through companies like Visual Visitor can sometimes seem so confusing, that many people think that it is just not possible. Let’s go through the life cycle of website visitor identification to set expectations so that your business can start to track, identify, and engage with new business leads!

Focus on your Warm Leads

As we start off 2016, many of you will be brainstorming on new and different ways to grow your customer base and increase your profits. One tried and true way to do that would be to focus on your warm leads. But how is this done? For $59/month, Visual Visitor has the answer!

Lead Response Timing

Is your company working on perfecting their lead response timing in order to increase sales? See how using Visual Visitor can help with that!

Can I set up email alerts for certain Companies or Prospects?

With Visual Visitor, Instant Email alerts are standard. What is an Instant Email Alert? When a person visits your website, we will email with valuable data about that visit