What are my Consumer Categories?

Apr 26, 2016 | 3 minute read
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What are my Consumer Categories?

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By: Carrie Miller

Visual Visitor Consumers

Consumers, or people who purchases goods or services for personal use, in most marketing terms, are usually defined in large groups.  This is normal marketing practice, but is it correct?  If you have Visual Visitor’s Anonymous Visitor Identification, you will have noticed that consumer patterns change constantly.  Promotions, time of day, day of week, they all result in different behavior patterns.  This shows that consumers can be divided into many categories and if your company can differentiate between these categories, your conversion rates will increase.

The Anonymous Visitor Identification Suite of Tools

In order to better understand your consumers and their various characteristics, you will need to start off by implementing an online tool that has the data collection capabilities to help your company.  These tools should not only include the active data collection types of the past like surveys, questionnaires, forms, etc., but also the more passive data collection methods that are more current.  Combining the data that you derive from both of these methods will tell you in greater detail where your consumers are going on your site, is it easy to navigate, and do they find it straightforward.

Website Analytics Bounce rate

Traffic Analytics

Using a traditional analytics package will help you categorize your consumers.  For instance, you will know where they are coming from, what pages they are viewing, what times they visit, and more.  Visual Visitor’s online suite for Anonymous Visitor Identification includes an analytic package that will record your consumer traffic based on referrer, device, location, entry pages, and exit pages.

Visual Visitor Traffic Analytics

Consumer Analytics

The next step really begins with going deeper into the traffic analytics data to the consumer analytics.  Now you can track how certain consumers travel through your site.  You can track current customers, past customers, you can track the effectiveness of email campaigns on consumer conversions, you can even track the consumers who visit from social media sites.

What this means

Knowing how your consumers can be categorized will help not only with your online presence, but also with future marketing plans, increase your social media presence, and hopefully, increase your conversions to increase your profit!  Using a product like Visual Visitor that includes both your visitor information and your website analytic information will simplify this process as all the data is gathered and cross referenced in one place.  There are quite a few options for this type of service available online, but at $59/month, Visual Visitor is a market leader for their cutting edge design and frequent feature additions.

4 Ways Website Visitor Tracking Software Works

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