Using Identify ANYONE

Jan 20, 2016 | 2 minute read
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Using Identify ANYONE by Visual Visitor

Visual Visitor’s email campaign feature, Identify ANYONE, is a hidden gem in any growing sales team’s arsenal. With this feature (which is included in your $59/month Visual Visitor account), you can add links to your company’s monthly newsletter and/or to any direct email that you send out. What does this mean? Well, that you can Identify ANYONE, of course!

Who is a fit for Identify ANYONE?

Any business who sends out monthly newsletters, who has regular email correspondence with direct contact(s) within an organization, or any business who finds that their customers do not all fit into traditional business structures – work from home, work on the road, etc. would be a perfect fit for this tool. What makes these prime candidates benefit from Visual Visitor’s Identify ANYONE? Well, once tagged from a click via email, these customers will stay tagged for future visits allowing you, the salesperson, to stay on top of their interest level and their product research!

some-highlights…">Visual Visitor, Virtual Visitor Identify ANYONESome highlights…

  • Use Identify ANYONE to track interest from a direct communication via newsletter or mailing list
  • Tracking the visits of customers who tend to travel or work from home
  • Identifies not only customers, but consumers as well
  • Once a visitor clicks on your Identify ANYONE link, they will be tracked. Always. No need to keep coming in through that original link
  • Works with most email marketing tools
  • No increase in price!

With this email campaign feature, Visual Visitor is going beyond just identifying companies – we are also identifying consumers.  It does not matter if your visitor is an individual consumer or a company employee if they are coming in through one of your Identify ANYONE email blasts!

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