Are Your Emails Sitting In Someone’s Inbox?

Do you use email to contact your leads? Chances are the bulk of your emails are sitting in their mailboxes unread. Some of them will even end up in the deleted folder. And unless you receive a reply, you have no way of knowing.

For businesses that run email campaigns, this is a real problem. Fortunately, Visual Visitor offers a solution. Email tracking, the practice of tracking an email after you hit send, lets you know when your email has been opened. Instead of waiting for a response, receive a real-time alert when a lead has opened your email. And take advantage of the “tag” button to find out each and every time a lead returns to your site.

Visual Visitor can tell you whether your emails are sitting in someone's inbox.

What Are the Advantages of Email Tracking?

Visual Visitor’s email tracking software is designed to help you improve your marketing and increase your sales. In particular, we can answer the following questions:

  • When was your email opened?
  • Who opened your email?
  • How long did it take for your email to be opened?
  • Which of your emails was opened the most?
  • How many times was your email opened?
  • What was the average amount of time to each open?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you reevaluate your marketing strategy. If your emails aren’t receiving many clicks, perhaps it’s time to scale back your email marketing. If instead your emails are being opened but your sales figures remain stagnant, perhaps you need to refine your marketing language. Either way, email tracking provides the data you need to make strides in your marketing.

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