B2B Sales Techniques for a Productive 2021

Visual Visitor can help you refine your B2B sales techniques.
Aug 20, 2021 | 4 minute read
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B2B sales is undeniably a competitive industry. To win new clients, B2B sellers need to leverage their knowledge of the industry to develop full-proof sales techniques. Read on for a list of innovative sales strategies that are going to take the B2B sales industry by storm in 2021.


Tip #1: Be a challenger

In the book The Challenger Sale, Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson estimate that 50% of the highest-performing salespeople have the Challenger personality type. What does this mean? These salespeople are skilled debaters. They research their prospects to identify problems and frame their products as solutions. They quite literally challenge their prospect’s perception of what he or she needs to succeed. In this way, challengers present their products as indispensable. It’s easy to see why this strategy works wonders.


Tip #2: Use social media

91% of B2B IT buyers use social media regularly and 75% claim that it influences their buying decisions. Love it or hate it, social media plays a big role in modern sales. LinkedIn especially helps you identify and connect with leads. Take advantage of this helpful tool to advertise your business and engage with leads.


Tip #3: Research your prospects

The more you know about your leads, the easier it will be to sell to them. To that end, take a look at your prospect’s blog and social media posts. Find out about their concerns and consider how you can address them. It’s not a bad idea to reference your research when you reach out to them. You can personalize your sales pitch to match their specific needs.


Tip #4: Narrow your scope

Let’s face it, some employees don’t have the power to pull the trigger. When you’re trying to make a sale, start by identifying the key decision-makers. These employees understand the value of your products and have the power to make purchasing decisions. LinkedIn is a great tool for finding decision-makers.


Tip #5: Utilize SPIN

The SPIN technique can help you figure out which questions to ask and in what order. The S stands for Situation questions. What situation brought the prospect to you? Why would they be interested in your products? The P stands for Problem questions. What problem does your prospect have? How can your products address their problems? The I stands for Implication questions. What negative impact will your prospects face if they don’t buy your products? Finally, the N stands for Need questions. Why does your prospect need your products? How can your products make their life easier?

This technique can help you organize your sales pitch. It also encourages you to frame your pitch around your prospect’s specific challenges.


Tip #6: Provide value

When you contact a prospect, you should aim to provide value. Sending over webinars, blog posts, and infographic sheets can help your prospects learn more. This demonstrates that you care and might earn you a sale sometime in the future.


Tip #7: Remember to persevere

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to close a deal with a single phone call. On average, it takes about 7 interactions before a B2B buyer is willing to take the plunge. Perseverance is vital if you want to succeed as a B2B seller. You never know when a sale is just a phone call away.


Tip #8: Use the right tools

Generating and pursuing leads is difficult without the right tools. Fortunately, Visual Visitor has you covered. With our database and tracking tools, prospecting can be a whole lot easier.


  1. Are you struggling to find leads? Our Who to Contact database is equipped with over 500 million contacts. You can even apply filters to get targeted results. If you’re looking for marketing directors in the tech industry, all you have to do is apply the appropriate filters and hit the search button. Your ideal leads are only a click away.
  2. Curious about who’s searching for your products? Our Who’s Shopping feature lets you know which businesses are actively searching for your products or services online. These businesses already understand the value of your business. In other words, they’ll be easier to convert.
  3. Interested in learning more about your website traffic? Our Who’s Interested feature tells you which businesses are visiting your website. Find out which pages they’re viewing and how long they’re staying there.
  4. Ever wondered if your emails are sitting unopened in someone’s inbox? Our Who’s Opening Proposals tool lets you know just that. Find out which emails are receiving clicks-and which ones are sitting


Visual Visitor provides the tools you need to succeed as a B2B seller. In particular, we can help you:

  • Learn more about your existing leads. Find out what content on your site is getting their attention.
  • Find new leads. Use our database to track down your ideal leads.
  • Measure interest level. Find out which leads are opening your proposals and browsing your site.
  • Track leads. Keep tabs on your website visitors. Receive notifications when a lead revisits your site.


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Visual Visitor can help you refine your B2B sales techniques.

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