What is Professional Ghosting?

The term ghosting refers to the practice of cutting off all communication as a means of ending a relationship. Contrary to popular belief, this practice extends well beyond dating.

Unfortunately, it’s increasingly common for businesses to be ghosted by potential clients. Regardless of how much time you invest pursuing a lead, there’s always a chance they’re going to reject your calls and ignore your emails. It’s frustrating to say the least, especially if you considered them to be a sure bet.

The worst part is not knowing what made them lose interest. Were they confused by your website? Was your sales pitch not strong enough? Was it simply down to bad timing?

That’s where Visual Visitor comes in. Our products can help you determine why a lead is ghosting you. Once you recognize the problem, you can start working to reclaim their interest.

Confronting your Ghosts

Ghost busters, I guess you could say….Visual Visitor prides itself in being an authority on Anonymous Visitor Identification. We can determine who’s browsing your website, reading your emails, and who is re-opening that proposal you sent a while ago. The best part is, we can discover this information without alerting your visitor.

How does this help you confront your ghosts? To put it simply, we can:

  • Identify your visitors or uncover your ghosts, so to speak.
  • Determine why a lead is ghosting you.
  • Prevent leads from ghosting you in the future.

How does this work? Let’s imagine your prospective client hasn’t responded to your emails. Your lead went cold and there’s three places where something could have gone wrong:

  1. Your email. With Visual Visitor, you won’t have to wonder if a client read your email. With the click of a button, you can receive a real-time notification when your email’s been opened. We’ll tell you where the recipient is located and how many times they opened your email. If your lead goes cold, you can determine if your email is responsible.
  2. A phone call. Our Call Tracking software lets you record and transcribe your calls. Why is this helpful? You can listen to these conversations to evaluate your customer service. If a potential client starts ghosting you, you’ll know if a phone call played a role in their decision.
  3. Your website. We track visitors on your website and provide you with their contact info and browsing data. We’ll let you know when they return to your site and we can even tell you how long they spent browsing your webpages. If a lead starts ghosting you, you can examine their browsing history to see which pages on your site could use more work.

Now that you’ve identified the source of the problem, you can start developing a solution. Updating your website, editing your email templates, and monitoring your phone calls are all steps you can take to discourage ghosting.

The primary goal of our software is to help you evaluate how customers are interacting with your business. With any luck, you’ll be able to make the customer experience as positive-and ghost-proof-as possible.

Tired of being ghosted by your leads?

Our 14-day free trial can help you stop the ghosts in their tracks. With our email, call and website tracking software, you’ll be able to identify whether a lead has completely lost interest or is simply playing hard to get. Click here to sign up.

This article is part of a series on professional ghosting. Click here to read about Email Tracking, your first line of defense against ghosting.



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