Ghost-Proofing Your Website

Whether they know it or not, every salesperson has experienced ghosting.

This term describes the process of cutting off all communication as a way to signal the end of a relationship. Although the term is generally reserved for dating, this practice occurs quite frequently in the professional world as well. How often have you waited weeks for a lead to respond to your email only to be rewarded with crickets? Unfortunately, no business is immune to ghosting. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to discourage it.

How Website Visitor ID Prevents Ghosting

Website Visitor ID software lets you know who’s looking at your site. Why is this helpful? You don’t have to rely on customers to make the first move. You can contact them directly before they have a chance to forget about your business.

After the tracking software identifies a visitor, you’ll receive a notification every time they return to your site. By examining their browsing data, you can determine which product or service interests them. And if they stop engaging with your business, you can make an educated guess as to what caused them to lose interest.

How does this relate to ghosting? Imagine a customer suddenly stops responding to your messages. If they return to your website, you can assume they haven’t lost all interest in your business. They may need another gentle nudge in the right direction. If the opposite is true, you may want to adopt another approach. Consider changing your website to make it more user-friendly and informative. You could also introduce a new promotion as a way to entice customers back to your site. You may not be able to win back every customer who’s ghosted you, but you can make it less likely customers will ghost you in the future.

Do You Have a Ghost Problem?

Website Visitor Identification allows you to examine your business from the perspective of a customer. Unless they pick up the phone, it’s likely their only interaction with your business is taking place online. It benefits you to keep tabs on who’s visiting your site-and which of those visitors are being converted into customers. When one of them goes quite suddenly, you should implement necessary changes to discourage others from following suit. With any luck, you’ll make your website so persuasive that customers won’t even consider ghosting you.

Visual Visitor’s Website Tracking software tells you more than just who’s browsing your site. We can identify a visitor’s:

  • Contact info
  • Geographic location
  • Browsing history

Additionally, our software identifies the keyword or referral source directed their visit. Ignoring this data is a surefire way to lose out on sales.

Shockingly, nearly half of small business owners don’t have a website. Fewer still are using software to identify their web visitors. Don’t let this important data go to waste! Sign up for our free trial today and start ghost-proofing your website.

Did you like this article? It’s part of a series we’re doing on professional ghosting. Click here to read about how to prevent customers from ghosting you through email.



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