Website Visitors aka Your Hidden Leads

The vast majority of your website visitors aren’t going to fill out a form or send you an email. In fact, 98% of browsers fail to reach out. It’s incredibly difficult to convince people to take action on your behalf. That’s why your sales staff should get into the habit of making the first move. But how do they know which leads to pursue?

That’s where website tracking comes in. Website visitor ID software, also known as website tracking, lets you know who’s visiting your site and what they’re looking at. It identifies your visitors, collects their contact info and even tracks their browsing history. Find out which pages are attracting attention and discover how long browsers are spending on each page.

A visitor’s browsing history, or click path data, helps you determine whether they’re a good lead. Visitors who spend time on your pricing page are hot leads while visitors who click away after viewing your home page are less so. Knowing the difference between these two prospects will save you time in the long run. In other words, website tracking helps you identify good leads and saves you the trouble of pursuing their less interested counterparts.

How does Website Tracking Work?

Every time someone visits your website, they’re assigned a unique visitor ID number. Until they clear their cookies, our software will track each time they return to your site. When you identify a promising lead, go ahead and hit the tag button. When tagged customers visit your site, you’ll receive a notification. The best time to contact a potential customer is when they’re already thinking about your business, i.e. sending them an email when they’re looking at your site is likely to earn a higher engagement rate.

Uncover Your Hidden Leads

At Visual Visitor, we believe the more you know about your leads, the easier it will be to pursue them. That’s why we offer affordable website tracking software. We want to help you uncover anonymous leads browsing your site. And we capture click path data, a helpful resource which you can use to evaluate the interest of your leads.

Our software is designed to help you increase your sales. Website tracking in particular:

  • Identifies a large volume of high-quality leads. Know who’s browsing your site. Find out their contact info without having to dig for it.
  • Provides you with visitors’ click path data. Sort the good leads from the bad ones. Glance at their browsing data.
  • Sends you real time alerts when a visitor returns. Find out when hot leads are browsing your site. Determine their interest level in your business.
  • Collects analytics that matter. Discover which pages on your site are attracting clicks and leading to sales. Monitor your website traffic.

Don’t miss out on this important data. Sign up for our free trial by clicking here. Get started growing your list of leads.


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