The Hunt for Digital Footprints

Whether you know it or not, you’re leaving digital footprints behind. That’s right, every time you use a search engine, visit a website or open an email, you’re leaving behind a trace.

What does this mean for salespeople? They can hunt down these digital clues to refine their prospect list and increase their sales figures. In fact, they can use technology to expedite every phase of the sales funnel. How? By downloading Visual Visitor.



Getting people familiar with your business is the first step in their buying journey. But wouldn’t it be great if you knew which people were already in the market for your products or services? That’s where our Who’s Shopping module comes in. It lets you know which businesses are already searching for your products online. Instead of waiting for customers to find you, you can proactively pursue them.



Once you’ve identified viable prospects, you need to know who to contact. After all, not every employee at a large business will be interested in your products. Plus, not every employee is in the position to pull the trigger. Our Who to Contact database consists of 540 million contacts. You can search based on different factors like industry, job level and experience. Finding your ideal contacts just got a whole lot easier.



At Visual Visitor, we believe the more you know about your prospects, the easier it will be to pursue them. That’s why we’ve created our Who’s Interested module. Not only can you find out which customers are browsing your site. You can also see which specific pages they’re viewing. This in turn tells you which products or services are catching their attention. You can tailor your sales pitch to match their interests.



So you’ve contacted interested parties…now what? With our Who’s Opening feature, you can find out which leads are opening your proposals and clicking on your links. Identify the leads that are really engaging with your business.



That’s up to you! Know that you know which businesses are good leads and which employees are worth contacting, you can concentrate on closing.


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