Help! My Email Campaign Isn’t Working

Chris is the marketing director at Deacon Accounting Services. His team diligently seeks out and pursues new leads. One of the many tools they utilize to accomplish this goal is email. Email provides an incredibly wide reach, is easy to use and is cost-effective. For all of these reasons, Chris’s team uses email to initiate a marketing campaign every few months. Recently, however, their email campaigns haven’t been earning a strong ROI. Why are their campaigns struggling?


Use Visual Visitor to track your email campaigns. Find out who's opening your emails.

Chris and his team aren’t using tracking software. They have no way of knowing who’s reading their emails and browsing their site. Without knowing this, they can’t make necessary improvements.

What Is Email Tracking?

Email tracking lets you monitor the progress of your emails. In particular, it answers the following questions:

  • Who opened your email?
  • How many times was your email opened?
  • When was your email opened?
  • How long did it take before your email was opened?
  • What was the average amount of time that passed before someone opened your email?

At Visual Visitor, our email tracking software works in tandem with our website tracking software. This allows you to monitor the browsing history of your email recipients. If you click the “tag” button on an email, you will receive a notification every time the recipient returns to your site. This allows you to identify hot leads.

Use Visual Visitor to track email campaigns.

Why Is Email Tracking Valuable?

Visual Visitor can help Chris determine who’s reading his email blasts and browsing his company’s website. Knowing which emails are getting clicks-and which ones are going straight into the delete folder-will help him hone his email marketing skills. He’ll be able to identify hot leads and determine whether a follow up is necessary.

Chris can even use email tracking to monitor individual email recipients. With Visual Visitor, he won’t have to wonder if his leads are interested. He’ll know whether they’re engaging with his emails and surfing his site.

At Visual Visitor, we believe the more you know about your leads, the easier it will be to pursue them. Sign up for our free trial today and get started learning more about your leads.

Use Visual Visitor to track your email campaigns.

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