Move Over Read Receipts

Until recently, businesses had to rely on receipts to learn if and when their email was opened. Why was this a problem? No one likes receiving a request for receipts-it makes the sender look impatient and difficult to work with. When you’re emailing a prospective client, you want to put your best foot forward. Requesting a receipt doesn’t set a good precedent. Fortunately, receipts aren’t the only way to learn when someone’s read your email. Email Tracking software lets you know instantly when someone has read your email. And the best part? The recipient won’t even know you’re checking.

What Can Email Tracking Tell You?

Our Email Tracking software is both user-friendly and effective. When you download our extension, all you have to do is select the tag button. That’s right, with the click of a button, you can track every email you send regardless of the recipient’s email platform.

Once you’ve tagged an email, you’ll receive real-time notifications about its progress. Our tracking software can answer the following questions:

  1. Who opened my email?
  2. When was my email opened?
  3. Where is the recipient located?
  4. How many times was my email opened?

Your sales team can use this information on both a large and small scale.

If you’re sending a personalized message to a potential client, you can keep tabs on its progress. You can measure the customer’s interest in your company by keeping track of when-and how many times-they opened your email.

This tool is also helpful when you’re sending mass emails. To learn how effective your sales pitch is, try sending it out and tracking its progress. Pay special attention to how many people responded to your call to action. Did the recipients click on the links you provided? Did they call your offices? Most importantly, did your email play a role in converting them from a lead into a customer?

It’s a good idea to write more than one draft of your sales pitch. Divide your leads in half and send one group the initial sales pitch and the other the updated message. You can track the competing emails to see which one is more effective in driving sales.


Email is still the preferred method of communication for many businesses and consumers alike. Tracking your emails does more than alleviate frustration; it helps you hone your sales strategy. Why? The more information you have about a lead, the easier it will be to convert them into a customer. And studying this conversion data will let you know whether your sales pitch is working.

Many people consider email receipts to be a necessary evil. This is no longer the case. Download Email Tracking software and take advantage of this stealthy way to keep tabs on your emails.

Are you struggling to reel in your leads? Consider signing up for our 14-day free trial- no credit card required! We’ll help you keep tabs on your emails and improve your sales strategies. Don’t let this important data go to waste.



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