Don’t Get Ghosted via Email

So you wrote the perfect email and sent it to over to a prospective client….now what? You could be waiting weeks for a response and until you get one, you won’t know if your efforts were wasted. That’s where Email Tracking comes in. No one wants to be ghosted, or ignored, by a potential client. When you track your emails, you’ll know instantly whether they’ve been opened without relying on receipts.

How Does Email Tracking Work?

Visual Visitor makes Email Tracking simple. Once you install our extension, all you have to do is click the tag button. That’s right, with the click of a button you can track your email’s progress.

Once the email has been opened, you’ll receive an instant notification letting you know. You can also access the email’s history on your Email Dashboard.

Curious about the benefits of Email Tracking? Watch the video below to discover what this powerful marketing software can do for your business.


How Can Visual Visitor Help You?

Once you’ve tagged an email, you’ll know:

  • Whether the email was opened.
  • When it was opened.
  • How many times it was opened.

You can use this information to determine whether the lead is interested. Save yourself the trouble of sending a follow-up email. Know instantly when a potential client has read your email.

When you download Visual Visitor’s extension, you’ll also have access to our template feature. By clicking the template button, you can instantly insert a template message into the body of your email. Why waste time copying and pasting email messages? Use our template function to easily send your sales pitch.

Imagine how easy marketing campaigns will be when you can track the progress of your emails. Click here to sign up for our 14-day free trial and take the guesswork out of your emails.


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