The Magic of Word of Mouth Marketing And Reviews

Every business can benefit from Word of Mouth Marketing. Not only is it hugely influential-it’s cost effective too. Letting customers market your business for you is a smart strategy to adopt. And with the rise of online reviews, it’s never been easier to
access or share word of mouth recommendations.

Why Online Reviews are Important

Word of Mouth Marketing used to be limited to personal interactions. The internet has made it easy to share recommendations with an unlimited number of people. It should come as no surprise that shoppers take advantage of this.

Modern consumers read on average 10 reviews before shopping at a new business. They trust reviewers to steer them in the right direction and it’s easy to see why. Online reviews establish a business’s credibility. Potential customers will notice if your business has no reviews. It makes you appear untrustworthy. Silence, in this case, speaks louder than words.

To remedy this, businesses should be actively encouraging their customers to leave reviews.

How to Generate More Reviews

Building up your online reputation is hard work. To help you get started, we have outlined some key steps below.

● Encourage customers to leave reviews. Give customers the opportunity to share their opinion.

● Respond to every review. Let customers know you value their feedback.

● Pay attention to referral sources. Know which advertising campaigns are successful and capitalize upon them.

● Share positive reviews. Post good reviews on social media and your website.

Visual Visitor can help you do all of the above. With our software, you can request, monitor, and share reviews all from the comfort of our app. Don’t waste time checking each review site individually. Our automated system pulls reviews from 38 unique
platforms and displays them all in one place. You can sort reviews by:

● Date
● Rating
● Business location
● Review site
● Referral source

We can help you send review requests and monitor their progress. Know if and when customers have clicked on your links. You can even post reviews directly to your social media profiles with the click of a button!

Get started managing your reputation. Click here to sign up for our free 14-day trial.

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