Spring Clean your Email Marketing

Feb 26, 2018 | 2 minute read
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I think that we can all agree that trying out that “next big thing” in our marketing strategy is inspiring and sounds like fun, but in reality, fine-tuning the tried and true can be equally important and fun!

Example: email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is defined as the targeting of potential consumers via email. Email marketing goes beyond the typical email that sent directly to a potential or current customer – which could also be considered “email marketing”. These emails will usually include things like advertisements, build relationships, look to increase business, and so much more. The email’s TO list can be from a current customer list, potential customer list, a purchased list, or others.

Fine Tune To-Do List

Ensure that your current Email Marketing Provider is a good fit for your business.

Things to consider: cost, template vs custom design platform, stability, pre-paid images available, analytics provided, help available, etc.

Provide an eye-catching landing.

If you want those emails to turn a potential lead into a sale, go beyond the standard link directly to your homepage. Some email marketing emails will benefit from a direct link to a well written and informative homepage, but there are others that require a fancy landing page to hold the interest of the recipient.

Know your results.

Do you have an excellent analytics package with this provider? You really must know the results of the marketing emails that you send out in order to completely understand their effectiveness. Typically the following are the three most important components… Open Rate (are your emails received well and opened?), Unsubscribes (if this number is high, you are probably doing more hard than good – reevaluate your methods), and the CTR (Click-Through Rate – are your readers clicking on the links in your email and visiting your page?).

As always, when looking to better understand the effectiveness of the new and exciting methods that your Sales and Marketing Teams are working on, Visual Visitor is there and ready to help. Utilizing our features like Form Capture, Email Tracking, Analytics, Identify ANYONE, and more, will help you understand on a more focused level! Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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