Marketing: Traditional vs. Digital

Compare VisualVisitor, Virtual Visitor We are frequently asked if the tools that are available in Visual Visitor’s feature set are geared for Traditional Marketing or Digital Marketing… The answer is YES! 

Traditional Marketing

Is it online? Then it isn’t traditional. Pretty straightforward. What is included in this category? Things like phone calls, outdoor advertising, print, paper mailings, etc. Visual Visitor’s Call Tracking will fit right in with this marketing style.  Call Tracking works by assigning unique phone numbers to different advertising sources. When the prospect sees your ad, they call the unique phone number that is then forwarded to your regular business phone (or whatever phone number you would like). Visual Visitor is then able to collect metrics about the call, record and transcribe the call if you would like, notify you by text or email, and many more options.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing covers the opposite – any marketing that is done online! Included in this style are things like social media ads, email, pay-per-click, etc. This method of advertising is more widely used and popular due to the increase in social media use. It is also essential for businesses looking to grow as most if not all customers will do some online research before committing to a product or service. Not only does Visual Visitor’s Call Tracking work with this type of marketing, but you will also find our features like Email Tracking, Identify ANYONE, Form Capture, Website Analytics, and Integration services are also extremely helpful with all types of digital marketing.

Traditional or Digital?

It’s hard to know which type of marketing is going to work best for your and your particular business. Some say that digital is the way to go because of the traditional method’s disadvantages; less interaction with the actual consumer, no social media type outreach, reliability, etc. But as for now, it is still a widely used and essential way to market certain business types.

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