Call Tracking

"I know half my marketing isn't working, I just don't know which half." Visual Visitor's call tracking feature helps make sure you spend your marketing dollars on an audience that takes action.

Find out why people are calling your business

With Visual Visitor, you’ll have access to valuable data about your phone calls – even how people found your business. Automatically matching your calls to each of your online and offline marketing channels will save thousands by understanding which marketing efforts are making your phone ring.

Drive pay-per-click with keyword-level call tracking

Get customer behavior insights beyond simple clicks with campaign and keyword-level call tracking. Visual Visitor’s call tracking system can tell which keywords are driving calls to your business.

Use this data to drive your pay-per-click marketing efforts or further drive your online content strategy.

Use recording and transcription to elevate the sales process

Gain powerful insights into your sales process by recording and transcribing conversations. Visual Visitor allows managers to tag valuable sales calls, making it easy to provide feedback and coaching advice to sales staff.
Users have the ability to listen to, rate, tag, apply notes and report on this valuable data.

Texting right at your fingertips

Visual Visitor provides a text message inbox for managing your business text messages in one place without giving out your personal phone number.

We also allow you to respond to text messages by email for added convenience!