Marketing Software for Agencies

Not every business is working towards the same marketing goals. Whether you’re prioritizing organic or paid ads, building your website or updating your branding, Visual Visitor can help you achieve your goals.

To help you determine which software is right for your business, we’ve created the chart below.

Visual Visitor offers marketing software for agencies.

Review tracking

 Visual Visitor has created an all-in-one review platform where you can request, monitor and share reviews. With the click of a button, you can post reviews directly to your site. And you can compose and send a response without leaving your Visual Visitor dashboard.

Website tracking

Our website tracking software identifies who’s browsing your site and captures their click path data. This allows you to find out which pages on your site they’re looking at. Sorting the good leads from the bad ones couldn’t get any easier.

Call tracking

Every time you receive an inbound call, you can match it to the corresponding keywords or referral source. Instead of spending money on ads that aren’t hitting the mark, find out which ads are worth your investment.

Email tracking

Waiting to hear back can be frustrating. Save yourself the agony of waiting by downloading email tracking software. Receive a real-time alert every time your email is opened. And determine which leads are worth pursuing.

White Labelling with Visual Visitor

Marketing agencies have the ability to white label, or resell, our software to their clients. The best part is you only pay for what you need. If your clients are primarily interested in monitoring their website traffic, you can resell website tracking software without committing to call tracking as well.

What are the advantages of becoming a reseller partner?

  • Your employees will receive in depth training on our products.
  • We offer a pay for what you need approach. Select products on an a la carte basis.
  • The Visual Visitor app will reflect your branding. We’ll replace the logo and URL to match your business.
  • Your agency will receive a master account which allows you to monitor your clients’ accounts.
  • You can mark up our products to your desired price point.

Interested? Sign up for a free trial today by clicking here. Streamline your marketing with Visual Visitor.

Visual Visitor Dashboard


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