Why Email Tracking with Visual Visitor

Feb 05, 2018 | 2 minute read
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Why Email Tracking with Visual Visitor

With so much technology available to businesses today, why email tracking with Visual Visitor? Visual Visitor’s suite of features is designed to accelerate sales and provide your business with the tools needed to grow – – especially when features like Email Tracking are a part of that toolbox!

What is Email Tracking?

Email Tracking is a Visual Visitor feature that will allow your business the inside edge allowing for a better understanding of the lifecycle of your emails. Are they opened? How many times?

How Visual Visitor’s Email Tracking Works

Visual Visitor’s Email Tracking has many advantages for our users. This feature can be installed and used with your existing Google or Outlook email client, making it a seamless addition to our Visual Visitor toolset.

Through computer code and a little bit of Visual Visitor magic, you can tag an outgoing email. Once that email is received, a Visual Visitor tracking image is loaded, allowing you to know that your email has been opened! Visual Visitor has taken this technique used for tracking by email marketing applications and made it available for our desktop users. After the recipient opens the email, any links clicked that lead to a web page that currently has the Visual Visitor tracking code installed, will also tag that user by name for any future visits to your website. This tagging allows you to see how your emails are received as well as providing data for future analysis of website visitors.

What Can Email Tracking Tell Me?

Consequently, Email Tracking can tell your business so much and can be very beneficial for both your Marketing and Sales Teams. Most notably, using the metrics provided by this feature will show you how often your emails get opened per recipient, the point your prospect is currently in the sales cycle, even little things like, was that invoice opened? And with Visual Visitor’s real-time notification, you will know the answers to many of these questions immediately.

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