After the Click: Tracking Your Email Campaign with Visual Visitor

May 05, 2016 | 3 minute read
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After the Click:  Tracking Your Email Campaign with Visual Visitor

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By: Carrie Miller

Email Marketing campaigns are a wonderful way to reach out to new potential customers, pique their interest, and hopefully build your business.  But they’re not easy.  A lot goes in to a successful email campaign, from the choice of email marketing software, to the actual writings in the emails.  One common mistake made by companies who have implemented or are implementing email marketing campaigns, is what happens after the click.

Tracking your email marketing campaigns.

Visual Visitor's Identify ANYONEThere are quite a few analytics packages out there that will perform a basic tracking of your email campaigns.  There are also packages like Visual Visitor and their anonymous visitor identification software that have link builders to make it a cinch to create and insert links into your email campaigns.  But… have you considered after the click?  Some, not all, of these packages will also track future visits from those visitors – without the email click.  Visual Visitor is one of those packages.  They take your basic email campaign click analytics, and extend it past the click.

What does this mean to you?  Well, basic email campaign analytics will track beyond the click and into the website.  This is very important and is where your website analytics takes over.  It gathers the information sent over from that email – merge tag data – and allows you to review the interaction of that visitor with your website.

visual-visitor-goes-past-beyond-the-click">How Visual Visitor goes past Beyond the Click.

VisualVisitor DashboardGetting beyond that first visit is where you can really see the difference between a somewhat interested visitor and a very interested visitor, but what are the chances that they have saved that email and will again click on the link?  Honestly, I don’t think that likelihood is very high.  So what do you do?

This is where the power of Visual Visitor’s email campaign feature really comes in to play.  When using the Visual Visitor email campaign link builder from the dashboard, you will be able to take that visitor past that click and start tracking all future visits as well – even if they type in the url directly, google search for you, bing search for you, etc.  How awesome is that!

You can also track your email campaign effectiveness visually with the Visual Visitor email campaign dashboard.  This dashboard will show you by day how many new and/or returning email campaign visitors you have had to your site.  It will also show you how engaged those visitors are with a page view count by day.  No more guessing if your email campaign is really building traffic to your site – you can see the initial visit and all returning visits from one place.  I know that when I was in charge of email campaigns previously, it would have been a game changer to have that kind of data at my fingertips – to know without question that a campaign was proving effective or ineffective.

To make the most out of email campaigns, this type of tracking and analytic data is imperative for new and sustained growth.  A product like Visual Visitor provides the tools needed to track a visitor’s initial visit as an email campaign visitor, to include that visitor in the email campaign dashboard for tracking, AND is also include that visitor in the website analytics as well.  One place to track it all.

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