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Website Visitor Tracking with Visual Visitor can improve your lead generation results and increase your sales!

  • We identify businesses as they visit your website.
  • We tell you in an instant alert email what pages they visited, how long they spent on each page, and more.
  • We provide you with a powerful dashboard that includes features like visitor tracking, form capture, website visitor analytics, email campaign integration, reporting, and more.

What type of business is a good fit for Website Visitor Tracking?

Visual Visitor has worked with many types of businesses over the years and has had great success in developing a product that works across many business models.

Businesses that see the best results with our website visitor tracking tool will usually have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Traffic to your Business Website
  • Business to Business sales model
  • Business to Consumer sales model with Email Campaign Marketing using Identify ANYONE

Some Common Uses for Website Visitor Tracking

  • Gauge Outbound Sales Effectiveness – are you using social media for advertising? Are your cold calling methods effective? Wouldn’t you like to know which calls visit the site for more information? No longer are those visitors anonymous with Visual Visitor.
  • Track the Deal Gone Cold – how many times have your sales people found that the has disappeared after the big pitch? Many times this happens as the potential customer evaluates other products or does product comparisons. Not to worry, Visual Visitor will be tracking them long after the pitch and let you know when they return.
  • The Timely Phone Call – by identifying the potential leads as they are visiting your site, Visual Visitor allows your sales staff to make the perfectly timed phone call. This will give your team the advantage over the competition as you are able to engage in the sales process earlier, build on these relationships, and close more sales.
  • Market Segmentation – there are many social media marketing outlets available today and they require a financial investment. Tracking the effectiveness of those campaigns external to the provider can help you gain a better understanding of the different types of companies that are evaluating your products and services.

What does the visitor tracking data provided by Visual Visitor look like?

Visitor Tracking - Visual VisitorVisual Visitor has three ways for your business to get your website visitor tracking data:

  1. From an Instant Email Alert. This alert will provide you with detailed information about the visitor, their company, the pages viewed, their history, and also include research information like prepopulated links to research sites, keywords used, and any email campaign information.  This method does not require you to log in to the dashboard for any of the information about this visitor. We send out the email directly to your inbox while the prospect is still on your website!
  2. From the Visual Visitor Dashboard. We have a very in depth and intuitive dashboard available to our customers with live stats showing company visits, email visitors, form captures, page views, and so much more.  You can also see your latest visitors from the main screen, or go to the Search Leads page for their full business listing - which includes this visit and all past visits.  From here you will also have the in-depth data mentioned above for each visitor.
  3. Exported Listing. Not all data needs to be seen, and we have many customers who like to have their visitor lists exported and sorted in a way that is customized to their specific needs.  This option is available from our Report tab – along with other reports. You simply download a CSV file for the date range needed, import it into the tool of your choice, customize, and you're all set!


Is your business looking to expand their customer base and get more sales? Do you find that the high cost of marketing is breaking your budget? Then it is time to discover how visitor tracking can build your sales and grow your business.

    Important Questions When Considering Visual Visitor’s Anonymous Website Visitor Tracking

    • Will my business grow if I am able to identify my website visitors with visitor tracking?
    • Will my Sales Team be able to better serve our corporate customers from the insight provided from their website viewing patterns?
    • Will the qualified leads provided by Visual Visitor be useful to my sales organization?
    • With a 14 day Free Trial and a low cost of $59/month, can I afford not to try Visual Visitor?
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