Sales Rep Guide to Successful Selling


successful sellingDo you think of yourself as a born salesperson who lives and breathes successful selling? Or is a sales mentality something that you struggle with and feel that you have to work harder than most for? Those “born to sell” sales reps make it look so natural and comfortable, but you can too!

Regardless of your sales experience and/or level, going back to the basics and refreshing your skills can help you succeed.

We have put together a few tips in this guide to help start you on the path to sales greatness.

Let’s start with a list of commonly agreed upon skills and character traits that make a good salesperson that embodies successful selling.

Goal Naming

What are you working for and how will you measure your success? It’s always best to start simple and at the beginning. If you don’t take the time to outline what you are trying to achieve (an example would be five new customers per month), then how will you know if you are succeeding? Or if you need to tweak some things?

Outline Your Personal Sales Process

Those “born to sell” salespeople will try to tell you that sales is an art and they are born with their sales ability. And to some slight degree, this might be true. But more than anything, sales is a process that each individual must outline and perfect according to their strengths and weaknesses. So take the take to make notes on what works and what doesn’t work FOR YOU.

Now Outline Your Professional Sales Process

Now that you have taken the time to get to know your own personal brand of selling, it is time to build a process that integrates you with your organization. No matter what you are selling or who you are selling to, some things do not change. Build a process that steps through the necessary steps that do not change; establish what your prospect needs, what they think they need, and their timeline to buy. The fillers that you will implement between these main areas should be fluid based on who you are dealing with and the unique way that your organization moves through the sales funnel.

Grade Yourself Before, During, and After

Remember always to circle back to the first step Goal Naming. If you set your goals but don’t hold yourself accountable for not only your successes but also your failures, you will not know how you’re doing until it’s too late. That could be either a happy or a very disappointing surprise. Take the time to be proactive so that modifications can be made before those end of the month numbers come out.

There is No I in Team

Don’t be that guy on the team that is always running out to close the big one. We all know the one, he or she is planning on single-handedly making the numbers for the month for everyone. No one truely likes that guy. Think like a team player. Ask your co-workers for help or advice if you are working with something they might have worked with in the past, or offer up a little nugget of wisdom if you know something that could help your teammate get their foot in the door. Doing this will allow you to learn more, build relationships, and hopefully, become a better salesperson.

Going through these steps can help you jump-start a new sales career or just rejuvenate your current plan for the new year. Learning from yourself and your team will help you become a better sales rep and increase your chances of successful selling for 2019! Good luck!


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