Help! My Clients Need Leads

Andy works for Moxie Media, a Marketing Agency located in Charleston. Her primary role is managing Customers Relations.

Her coworkers have been working diligently to increase their clients’ visibility. But, unfortunately, their efforts haven’t secured a higher sales rate. Their clients are growing increasingly frustrated. They want a better return on their investment or they’re liable to start looking for a different agency.

How can Andy help her clients find new, high-quality leads?

The answer is website tracking. Website tracking, also known as anonymous visitor identification, lets you know which companies are browsing a website. It collects their contact information and tracks their browsing history. It tells you which pages are attracting attention and leading to sales. And the best part is it identifies which referral sources and keywords are driving visitors to your site. Tracking your marketing ROI couldn’t get any easier.

Marketing agencies can download website tracking software and white label it, or resell it, to their clients. This allows both parties, the agency and the customer, to track website visitors and their corresponding referral sources. In other words, they’ll have access to the same information. With both parties on the same page, it will be easier to monitor the progress of their marketing efforts. Plus, agencies won’t have to waste time distributing their data.

How will website tracking help Andy?

Her clients could use tracking software to:

  • Identify the companies that are browsing their website.
  • Uncover contact information without hours of digging.
  • Receive an alert every time a promising lead returns to their site.
  • Find out which referral sources and keywords are directing visitors to your site.
  • Track how many new leads are coming in.
  • Accurately calculate their marketing ROI.

Andy needs to convince her boss to invest in website tracking software. Their clients would benefit enormously from tracking their website visitors. It’s a surefire way to discover new and promising leads.

Do you work for a marketing agency? Visual Visitor offers powerful and cost-effective marketing software. You can use it to manage your clients’ marketing on their behalf. Or you can white label our software and provide it directly to your clients.

We understand that not every client has a hands-off approach. The clients who play an active role in their marketing will appreciate having access to tracking software. That’s where the white labelling comes in. You can provide these clients with their own log-in information. We’ll change the URL and logo to match you company so for all intents and purposes, our software is tied to your business alone.

For your more passive customers, you can use website tracking on their behalf to collect information about their leads. You can deliver a weekly, monthly or seasonal list of leads for their sales staff to pursue. They’ll appreciate receiving tangible proof of your efforts. After all, the more leads you collect, the more successful your marketing strategy appears.

Interested? Click here to read more about how Visual Visitor works with agencies.



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