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Oct 20, 2015 | 2 minute read
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Facebook Lead AdsFacebook Lead Ads

Consumers are mobile dependent. With a mobile phone or tablet in our hand nearly all day long, the vast majority of our transactions and inquiries are done via mobile devices. Filling out forms on mobile devices is time consuming and difficult. Facebook wants to make it easier to complete online forms. The new Lead Ads program is achieving that goal.

Lead Ads has been in testing since late spring. Advertisers participating in the testing program have reported positive results and Lead Ads are now available to all advertisers on Facebook. With Lead Ads, consumers can submit a form with as little as two clicks. Click on the ad, then hit submit if the form fields look correct. It doesn’t get easier than that!

When using Lead Ads, a Facebook user’s name and email address will auto populate in the form fields. Consumers have the ability to adjust or change any data that is auto populated. Advertisers have the ability to add additional questions to gather more information. Both open ended and multiple choice fields are available to advertisers. Advertisers can also include disclaimers with the form if they desire.

To protect the rights and information Facebook users are suppling, only advertisers can see the data supplied. Advertisers are also forbidden from selling or sharing the data Facebook users supply.

Lead ads are expected to dramatically reduce the amount of time required to complete mobile forms. Form errors should also decrease and consumers aren’t forced to use mobile device keyboards to provide information. For more information on Facebook Lead Ads, click here.

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Facebook Lead Ads

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