How Are You Finding Leads?

Visual Visitor can identify your leads. Website Tracking software determines who's browsing your site.
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First impressions matter. And your website is likely the first thing customers come across when they search for you online. A professional, up-to-date website is a valuable piece of marketing. It can effectively communicate your brand. But that’s not all it can do. When you install tracking software, you can identify visitors browsing your site. This allows you to proactively pursue leads, a key step in increasing your sales.

What Can Visual Visitor Tell You?

When you download Visual Visitor, you can determine:

  • Who’s browsing your site
  • Which pages they’re looking at
  • How long they’re browsing your pages

What does all of this information have in common? It helps you identify hot leads. Customers browsing your pricing page are good prospects. Customers who exit your site after browsing your homepage are less so. Knowing the difference can help you invest your time strategically. Increasing your conversion rate is largely a matter of correctly identifying promising leads in the first place.

How Does Website Tracking Work?

When a customer visits your site, they’re assigned a unique visitor ID. Until they clear their cookies, our software identifies each time they return to your site. You can tag promising leads to receive a notification each time they’re visiting your site. In addition, you can browse the “Leads” tab on your Dashboard to monitor and sort your leads.

Promising leads could be browsing your site but without website tracking software, you won’t know it. Rectify this mistake by downloading tracking software today.

Are you looking for more leads? Our tracking software is designed to help. Click here to sign up for our free 14-day trial and find out how this valuable resource can help your business.


4 Ways Website Visitor Tracking Software Works

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