Cold Email Marketing

Sales No-Nos to Avoid

Generate Website Leads

Website lead generation can turn those already interested website visitors into qualified leads, all you need to do is drive the visitors to your site and identify them. Let’s get started.

Sales Process Streamlining

B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing for B2B versus B2C can and should be different. When you go searching Bing, Yahoo, or Google for content marketing, you will mainly see examples of B2C content marketing – which can really make it difficult.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Big or Small, Global or Local, if your business has a website or is online, yes, you need Social Media Marketing. Remember, you need to be where you customer are – and all you have to do is look up from your smart phone when you’re out in public to know that your customer are online.

Digital Marketing Campaign Mistakes

Digital Marketing is a tough business and there are many challenges that must be overcome; like resources, barrier to entry, bosses with strong opinions. Success is judged by traffic, likes, followers and sometimes that is not an accurate rate of measure.

Google Tests New Low Speed-Friendly Local Box

Local search marketers with sharp eyes have spotted the latest local search test by Google. In a move that appears designed to improve load times, Google has begun testing a new, stripped down version of the local box on mobile devices.

Increase Online Sales

If you do a quick Google search right now on ways to increase online sales, you will find so many different viewpoints on what must be done. Here are some tips to get your started.

Sales Pipeline – After the Alert Email

Ok, you just got your Visual Visitor Instant Email Alert that a warm lead is on your website. What are the sales pipeline steps that you or your sales person should take in turning that warm lead into a hot new customer?