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What is Lead Capture Software?

Would you like to take your website lead generation to the next level and identify the leads that are already visiting your business website?

Statistics show that only about 2% of website visitors identify themselves. That leaves about 98% of those visitors unidentified. That is unless you have an Lead Capture Software tool like Visual Visitor on your side.

Watch the Video to Learn:

  • How can Lead Capture Software help?
  • How it is different from website visitor analytics.
  • How Visual Visitor can quickly expand your website lead generation process.
  • How easy Visual Visitor is to install.
  • At $59/month with no obligations, can you afford not to?

Why Visual Visitor?

The timely phone call.

Selling is hard work.  Selling to interested buyers is easier!  Only 2% of all visitors to your website ever identify themselves by filling out a contact form.  We help you identify the other 98%.  But did you realize the other 98% are silently evaluating your product as well as your competitors?  By identifying these visitors with Visual Visitor’s website lead generation software, you can make a perfectly timed phone call to these unidentified visitors.

Outbound sales effectiveness.

Cold calling is common sales tool, but what happens after the call.  How many of those contacts you reached or left messages for ever pick up the phone?  Most of the time, they will visit your website to review your product or service but never call.  With Visual Visitor’s Anonymous Visitor Tracking and Identification, you will now be able to identify website visitors and know who you are reaching and be able to better focus your sales efforts.

Looking to increase your qualified leads quickly?

We all have those meetings where the focus of the conversation is on increasing qualified leads in a short amount of time - either for a conference, a show, etc. What better place to go to increase your leads than your own business website? Visual Visitor's website leads generation software identifies your business's anonymous website visitors.

The Proposal Gone Cold.

We have all experienced the Proposal Gone Cold.  You work with them, do a demo,  they visit your website to review your information, read whitepapers, etc. and look for data to validate your company. Then poof, they're gone. Visual Visitor helps you close the communication gap by informing you when they have returned to your website.  This will allow you take immediate action by dropping a perfectly timed follow up email or phone call.  How many of your cold proposals have you lost?

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