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The Visual Visitor Affiliate Program

Partner with Visual Visitor and earn 25% commission

Visual Visitor is one of the highest Return On Investment (ROI) sales tools available on the market today. Our website visitor tracking and anonymous visitor identification product has proven time and again to help businesses with qualified, actionable leads from their own websites!  As a trusted advisor to your clients, all you need to do is recommend Visual Visitor to them. Once they sign up as a paid account, you get paid. Simple. Through our affiliate program you can benefit from this unique product. We are paying up to $354 per sale ($14.75 per sale, per month they stay with Visual Visitor).

As an affiliate, you refer your customers and prospects to us for a free 14 day trial of Visual Visitor, when the trial converts to a paid account, you get paid. Build a recurring annuity revenue stream with Visual Visitor!

What is the difference between the Affiliate Program and the Reseller Program?

Affiliate ProgramReseller Program
The VisualVisitor brand is promoted.Promote Your Brand:
Your Logo, Your Domain, Your Email
We sell directly to the customer.You sell private label Visual Visitor to your customer.
We support the customer.You support the customer.
We bill the customer.You bill the customer.
We pay you.You pay us for your base and resold accounts.
Click here to find out more about the Visual Visitor Reseller Program!

Getting started as an affiliate is easy!

  • Step 1: Sign up as an affiliate here.
  • Step 2: Use the unique website URL when referring your customers. The unique URL lets us know you sent us the referral and that you should get paid for it. Your unique URL is assigned after you sign up as an affiliate (above).
  • Step 3: Start referring your customers and prospects! It’s really that easy.

Sign up as an affiliate today!