Google Testing Color-Coded Local Ads in Google Maps – Visual Visitor

Users searching for your business on Google Maps will be seeing something new in the next few weeks: purple pins. Google is currently testing a new approach to displaying ads in Google Maps, which may change the way your company approaches local search marketing.

Some Basic Steps to Optimizing Your Blog Posts – Visual Visitor

Some Basic Steps to Optimizing Your Blog Posts – Blogging alone without the required SEO knowledge is not enough. Learn how to increase your traffic with these optimizing tips!

Affordable Online Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

Something all small business owners need: marketing tools. They are really the difference between a campaign that takes off and a campaign that just is just north of unsuccessful

Prioritizing Factors of Keyword Targeting

How to balance the effectiveness of keywords and key phrases with the added boost in your website metrics and the boost in your website prospects is a difficult thing.

Using Forms Capture to Increase Sales

The Forms Capture feature from Visual Visitor can help take your online forms from just newsletter signups and requests for more information, to tracking devices to increase sales and conversion rates.