Using Social Media to Compliment Marketing Efforts

Combining the power of social media with traditional marketing efforts can yield positive results. The added value achieved through combined efforts can bring visibility to your brand and drive sales. Use these tips for aligning social media and traditional marketing efforts.

1. Make Your Content Work for You
Recycling, repurposing, upcycling…whatever you want to call it using existing articles, videos, presentations, and graphics is an easy way to generate content for social media. Your brand is likely to have volumes of content sitting in the archives that is still useful and valuable. Look through what you have and find ways to repurpose that existing content for added value.

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2. Promote on Social Media.
Sharing sales or promotions via social media is a great way to increase sales. Running a contest? Post pictures of your winners on social media. Running a like and share contest on Facebook is a great way to grow your fan base. Contests like these generate excitement and draw attention to your brand.

3. #HashtagWithPurpose
Using hashtags strategically can bring positive results. Don’t use more than 2 hashtags in any post. When used in conjunction with a promotion or sale, hashtags can help to generate interest and sales.

4. Improve SEO Value
Google+ may be new to some, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. When posts on Google+ are shared or receive a +1, you’ll see a positive impact on your SEO. The new Google My Business dashboard makes it even easier to track and monitor the impact your social media efforts are having.

5. Be the Expert
Your content should provide value. Posting only about your brand, sales or promotions can lead to consumer fatigue. Provide value with thoughtful and informative posts. Turn your social media sites into locations where the public turns when they want information on your brand and industry. You may even garner interest from journalists looking for an expert opinion.

6. Improve the Customer Service Experience
Consumers are apt to leave feedback on your social media sites. A public review, either positive or negative, should be addressed. Negative reviews should be acknowledged quickly. Find a way to solve the consumer’s problem and show your followers that you are open to working with your customers to correct errors.

7. Spread the Word
Positive reviews come in many forms. Share positive feedback received from consumers across social media channels.

8. Make it Easy to Find
Don’t hide your social media sites from people who may be interested in connecting. You should have links to all social media sites on your website, email signature, and email blasts. Share buttons make it easy for consumers to share your email blasts or blog posts on their social media sites.

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