White Labelling Lead Generation Tools

The first step to increasing your sales is to find more leads. And one of the easiest ways to increase your lead count is to download website tracking software. Website tracking, also known as anonymous visitor identification, lets you know who’s browsing your site and which pages are capturing their attention. In other words, website tracking is the perfect way to uncover your hidden leads.

Marketing agencies can use website tracking to monitor their client’s web traffic and deliver new leads. And small businesses can take advantage of tracking software to identify and pursue their own leads. Agencies also have the option of white labelling, or reselling, website tracking to their clients. This would allow their clients to manage their own lead generation strategy or monitor the agency’s efforts on their behalf.

How Does White Labelling Work?

Visual Visitor offers a variety of marketing tools which can be white labelled. Our reseller partners can rest assured that our software will match your branding. We replace our URL and logo to match your business. Your clients will associate our software with your business alone.

Our website tracking module is both affordable and effective. In particular, our software can help your clients:

  • Know which companies are browsing their site.
  • Find new, high-quality leads.
  • Discover contact information without digging for it.
  • Identify a lead’s buying intent, aka determine which leads are worth pursuing.
  • Receive real-time alerts when a tagged prospect returns to their site.
  • Monitor their website traffic.
  • Find out which pages on their site are attracting attention.

Increasing your sales will be much easier when you have website tracking working in your favor.

Are you looking for a lead generation tool? Visual Visitor offers website tracking at a fraction of the price of our competitors. Sign up for our free trial by clicking here. Your hidden leads are just waiting to be uncovered.



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