How Are Customers Finding You?

What Is Keyword Level Call Tracking?

A word or phrase that you type into a search engine is known as a keyword. Businesses frequently tailor their online content around one or more keywords. This results in customers having an easier time locating their business. How does this work?

The goal of every search engine is to provide their users with relevant content. When a business delivers content with identifiable keywords, this makes it easy for search engines to determine their niche, so to speak. Consequently, their business is promoted every time someone searches one of their keywords.

This isn’t the only method to secure keywords for your company. Keywords may be purchased to ensure your content isn’t getting overlooked by search engines. Regardless of which method you choose, associating keywords with your business improves your SEO. But that doesn’t mean you should stop your marketing efforts there.

If your business has invested in pay per click advertising, you should be conducting Keyword Level Call Tracking. This practice lets you know which keywords are worth the money. Your marketing and sales team alike will benefit from this important data.

Unleash Your Marketing Potential with Call Tracking

Call Tracking works by associating a unique phone number to each advertising source. When you receive a call, you’ll know which source directed it. Basic Call Tracking software identifies:

  • The caller/company’s contact info
  • The referral source which directed the call

Visual Visitor offers Keyword Level Call Tracking. How is this different from regular Call Tracking? We can trace a call back to the keywords a customer typed into a search engine. You’ll know which keywords are popular among your customers. You can adjust your keywords to correspond to their preferences.

Our software allows you to break down the volume of your calls by keyword. In other words, you can assess your ROI. Investing in the keywords that are earning you clicks is a surefire way to increase your leads and it can save you thousands of dollars each month!

What does all this data have in common? It helps you strengthen your marketing and increase your sales. Imagine how much easier your job will be when you can accurately measure the success of each marketing campaign.

Interested in improving your marketing ROI? Click here to sign up for our 14-day free trial, no credit card required. We’ll help you identify the ideal keywords for your business.




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